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Programs and Services are listed in Appendix C: Table Seven and include: (1) Summer recreation programs; (2) after-school activities; (3) organized sports; and many others. Appendix a Clackamas Parks and Recreation District

Source: Our Parks Future Master Plan

Appendix B

Organizational Structure of North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District

Source: Our Parks Future Master Plan

Appendix C

Fiscal Year/Operating Budget/General Fund Budget and Percent of Total

Fiscal Year

Operating Budget

General Fund Budget of Total





Source: Our Parks Future Master Plan

Revenue Source by Amount and Percent of Total

Revenue Source

Amount of Total


Fees & Charges

Fund Balance (1)

Cooperative Financing (2)




Transfer in (3)

Source: Our Parks Future Master Plan

Appendix C - Continued

Funds by 2001-2002 Revenue and Percent of Total


2001-2002 Revenue of Total

General Fund

Capital Projects Fund


Nutrition & Trans

Debt Service

Fixed Asset Capital Replacement Fund

Source: Our Parks Future Master Plan

Revenue Rate by Program Area

FY 2000-2001 Audited Financial Report

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District

Direct Expense

Overhead Cost

Total Expense


Revenue Recovery Rate

Aquatic Park

Recreation & Leisure

Milwaukie Center

MC Nutrition Program

MC Transportation Program

Park Services normal'>$2,241,460

Average 49.88%

Source: Our Parks Future Master Plan

Appendix C - Continued

Maintenance Cost per Acre - Selected Districts

FY 2000-01 Adopted Budgets

Parks Maintenance Budget

Maintained Acres (1)



Open Space / Beautification Areas
Undeveloped Parkland*

Source: Our Parks Future Master Plan

Appendix C - Continued

Program by Percentage of Support

Percent Support


Summer recreation programs

After-school activities

Organized sports

Older adult services and programs

Health and wellness programs

Outdoor programs

Aquatic programs

Performing and cultural arts programs

Special interest classes

Volunteer opportunities

Environmental education

Facility rentals

District-wide events

Events that highlight other cultures

Source: Our Parks Future Master Plan


Our Parks Future Master Plan (2003) North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District.

Parks and Facilities: Chapter Four (2003) North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District.

Administration and Management (2003) Chapter Six. North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District.

Action Plan (2003) Chapter Seven North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District.

Recreation and Leisure

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