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Sports Announcers are usually broadcasters who target the male segment of the society considering the male stamina for the sport. Hockey, Football and baseball announcers become names in their own rights as their penchant for violence, excitement and entertainment makes an already fast paced game even more exciting.

The paper discusses the various types of sports announcers. Sports Announcers can be classified on the basis of sports, media and type of commentary they offer. Here I will aim to present the classification on the basis of the commentary they offer.

Types of the Announcers

Sports Announcements can take the form of news, opinion, comment and editorial.

News announcements would be simple events that take place in the world of sports. The news announcement would be made by the lead anchor.

Opinion announcements would be commentary that took place with personal opinions given by the announcer. This could be during the game, before or after any sports event. The person giving the opinion would be the Voice of Reason an announcer who makes sense of the various events taking place for the audience.

Commentary would be place by place, event by event announcement for the game taking place. The announcer would be the Talking Head who would take for example a play during a baseball game and make continuous announcements for an audience who may have missed a hit…

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