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Therefore, I seize the opportunity to take some key shots in the rain, even while the players are drenched. By focusing a shot on glistening raindrops, I can capture the intensity of the game as the droplets mirror the sweat from the players' bodies. I would need a telephoto lens to capture the droplets while also including some key portions of players' faces or bodies in the depth of field. I might even consider swapping lenses for a wide-angle, in order to capture the entire gridiron as sheets of rain fall on the field.

3. In Brandi Chastain's photo, the feeling of victory is palpable. There is absolutely no question that she has just won a major sporting event. The aesthetic impression is one of simultaneous relief and triumph. She has slid onto the field, on her knees and is clenching her fists in glory. Having taken her jersey off, Chastain is saying, "It's over. We won!" Her body language suggests confidence and personal pride. Chastain looks pumped, more than she appears exhausted by the exertion of her sport. By capturing Chastain's face in a huge smile, the photographer is conveying the end result of Chastain's hard work on the field. Interestingly, focusing on Chastain offers an aesthetic appreciation of her role in the game, as she plays a team sport.

A photo of Tiger Woods hitting a ball in the hay offers a similar sport aesthetic to the Brandi Chastain photo. Tiger is shown with a gritty look of determination on his face. He bears his teeth like an animal. The fervor and intensity on Tiger's face is the aesthetic inspiration for the photo: the viewer understands that Tiger is a winner. Although he is not captured in a moment of victory after a win as Chastain was, the look on the golfer's face spells it out: he will not lose even if his ball is as hard to hit as a needle in…

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