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1. Role as Practitioner - Provide an analysis-of-self in the role as practitioner manager; drawing connection between this project experience, present state, and long-term professional goals. Describe the completion of the project, discussing challenges, solutions, and insights gained on the scholarly journey.

The role of the practitioner manager as it relates to staff education can be complex. Here, to prevent readmission of individuals experiencing bipolar, it is important to properly evaluate discharge protocols. It is also important to review interventions to improve the process of discharge from the in-patient setting. Here, the practitioner will need to evaluate these processes to improve the ability of patients to properly matriculate back into society. When analyzing myself as it relates to staff education it is important for the practitioner to have prior experience working in similar roles and functions. This is a critical component to the role of the practitioner as they can leverage their overall expertise to provide both qualitative and quantitative feedback. Project experience it also important as it allows the practitioner to further grasp the practical application of staff education within the overall working environment. In many instances textbook explanations often provide theory with little regard to the real-world implications for the theory. This occurs as many applications in the real world have many variables that are often outside the scope of the textbook theory. With practical experience, a practitioner is better able to address these variables when instructing others through the staff education process. Finally, this ability to leverage real world experiences provides the practitioner with much more credibility during the overall education process. This credibility is helpful in getting other individuals to adopt the policies and procedures within the educational process

Challenges with the role of practitioner pertain mainly to different teaching methods when engage with other employees. As a practitioner it is important to understand the various methods of instruction when teaching others through the overall staff education process. Particularly now as the world becomes much more diverse, the varying educational standards also become much more diverse. Different people learn in different ways. This is a challenge for the practitioner looking to identify methods in which to instruct others in a beneficial and comprehensive manner. This is also a challenge on the practitioners time as…any concerns. Likewise, strengths that are already apparent on team can be either enhanced or disregarded at the project managers discretion. In addition, the overall staff education process can be enhanced by hiring, training and retention processes of the project manager. From a staff education perspective, this provides the most advantage as it relates to properly training employees to achieve a desired result within the work setting.

One of the challenges as a project manager, is to properly leverage educational techniques to properly motivate employees during the staff education process. Here, those with bipolar are often difficult to properly heal. Overall, it requires a strong commitment on the part of the staff, the facility and the overall community involved. As a project manager, it is important to identify which elements are effective for each individual staff member within the education process. Some are visual learners while others are much more auditory. It is challenge for project managers to identify which areas with the psyche of their staff will be the most beneficial as it relates to overall education. This becomes even more challenging as staff members deal with very contentious issues…

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