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Education In the wake of the recent globalization, education has emerged as one of the most necessary tools for the field. For globalization to be realized on a large scale, the public has to be well conversant in matters concerning education. However, this has come to pass just a mirage, owing to the poor standards of education amongst some sectors of the public. Immigrants have suffered the most, and it is worth to note that most of them are subject to poor conditions of education. In fact, some of them do not receive any education at all. In his book, Rose asserts that the immigrants were struggling in learning the English language as a second language which was necessary in order for them to improve their lifestyles. In his book he wrote on how a boy saw another being hacked to death and now he is not able to learn the standard education due to the trauma (99). One of the leading reasons for this is that the immigrants live in fear of deportation and thus avoid attending schools at any rate. The poor standards for education by the immigrants depict a serious concern not only to the public in general, but also to the government, which loses a lot when supporting such a population.


Education is a process through which knowledge, skills and information are learnt. It is necessary because it helps the society to understand the principles of nature. It clears the errors that have been committed in the past by teaching new approaches. Education is the key to success because chances of employment and success in businesses have to be through education. There are different purposes of learning and they all depend on the individual. The immigrants have to learn English as their second language before they can join other learning institutions. This has not been made any easy for them and they find themselves labeled as illiterate which morally degrades them because they have their other skills.

Mike Rose in his book "Lives on the boundary, the struggles and Achievements of America's Unprepare" embraces vital aspects concerning immigrants. As an immigrant, He was lucky to attend a catholic school where he met an English teacher Jack MacFarland who totally inspired him. In his book, Rose talks of the stigmas that define the America's unprepared which include illiteracy, and intellectual deficiency. He argues that they have been labeled and that is why he struggles to establish them in to the world of learning language, written expressions and literature. He has dedicated his life on education due to his poor background and the suffering he has seen among the unlearned society (Rose 20). Rose argued that this stigma makes it necessary for everyone in the society to be educated although there are problems associated with it (20). Rose stressed on the importance of educating immigrants and that is what the paper is about.

Immigrants are people who have left their motherlands and entered to another country either legally or illegally. Immigration started way back during the slave trade and continued as people from poor countries tried to enter the developed countries looking for greener pastures. Most of them never received education in the earlier years because they went there as laborers and only worked in farms or factories for cash. Globalization saw some of them acquire status and later joining schools. Nevertheless, there are immigrants who are usually illegally in the countries and they do not go to school for fear of deportation. Those attending schools are poorly performing for various reasons (Griswold 160). Fear for discrimination is also another reason why they get poor education while others do not have any education at all. It is imperative to note that this discrimination is not only on the social setting, but also in linguistics, as most of them have to strive to get the second language. Therefore, the government should come up with programmes that will reduce the effects of the frail conditions of immigrants' education in the quest for developments.

Immigrants include the Islamic Americans too. Since the terrorist attacks, they have suffered discrimination even in schools. Their fellow students and teachers handle them with a lot of suspicion. This gives them an inferiority complex created by the gap and hence slows them in education. The Muslim parents are often afraid of allowing their children...


They prefer those joining Arabic institutions where their fellow students accept them.
There are also the black Americans who suffer the same distress. These blacks have always been related to crimes and are handled suspiciously. This type of discrimination has seen them perform poorly in school because they lack the self-confidence. The black neighborhood is feared in the society and most of them have taken to drugs, alcohol and other petty crimes. They form cliques, which would rather be in the streets where they are appreciated than being in school. These were the problems the immigrants were suffering from because they had been exposed to a stressful life. He stressed on the importance of reading, and understanding the books, and not just memorizing for the sake of exams. "In order to amend the communication and restore the past mistakes, it necessitates more than new books addition to the usual ones (Rose 107). Rose feels that education should be available for all.

Immigrants have been failing in the education system as per research done and this raises concerns as to reason why. In every school, it has been noted that the immigrant students are mostly at the bottom in class performance. Research has also shown that about half of these immigrant students do not receive their diplomas after getting into high school. Most of them are suffering from language barrier and so they are isolated. Due to their background, they do not receive back up from their families who mostly are uneducated with very high rates of poverty. Census bureau reported that around nineteen per cent of school age population is immigrant students. It further reported that by the year 2025, a quarter of the students would be from immigrant communities. This is a clear picture that with time, the income of the government will have gone down due to lack of skills.

Remedial education is an area that Rose emphasized on especially for the immigrants. These immigrants did not lack skills, but because of the poor education, and social interactions, they were labeled as non-intellectuals. Rose argued that if the immigrants received more appreciation, and confidence from their teachers, with more equality in the education systems, they would improve on their over whole performance. He felt that the curriculum used to teach English grammar, and usage was not up-to-date and mere of critical thinking should be implemented instead. Rose asserts that being brought up in areas like Chicago and wanting to learn, one needs a model to show them how to go about it. People require guidance through these conversations that were foreign and threatening. He emphasized that the immigrants suffered and needed caring teachers who were not available (Rose 4).

The immigration has definitely played a significant role in the education system. Research shows that in 1972 the students were non-immigrants or black Americans. By 2005, their number had gone up by twenty per cent. There is the Federal Immigration Program that stands to blame for this influx in the school age population during the last two decades (Tandberg 420). This transformation has brought about many complaints that the public has been trying to address. However, it seems that they are a bit too late to intervene due to the circumstances around these immigrants. It has been noted that the immigrants feel that due to their poor performance in education, they will remain underclass and this is a catastrophe that the government should look into. However, if the situation is not looked into, it will mean that democracy has failed.

Research shows that these students have been poorly performing since school entrance to the end. Survey shows that around forty per cent of them in kindergarten poorly perform in mathematics and reading. By the time they get to fourth grade, only less than twenty per cent qualify in the same subjects. Survey continues to report that by the time they are in eighth grade, less than ten percent qualify in these subjects. More so, it is noted that as these immigrants get older, they lose the touch of education and end up dropping out. There are several reasons why these students drop out. Immigrants have many problems that are basically caused by lack of communication. In America, most of the immigrants are Hispanics and they use Spanish as their language. This means they have to learn a second language, which is English in order for them to survive. By learning English, they can learn other subjects of their choice and in turn they can get white collar jobs.

Another reason why they are not educated is their cultural background which they have held onto.…

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