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There is no denying I am a Visual Learner, much like the majority of the population.

4. What was your score from the readiness assessment?

I scored a 77 on the readiness assessment. According to the assessment, those scoring between 100 and 75 such as myself should be well-suited for taking courses online. Particular qualities such as my keen self-awareness should allow me to easily navigate courses taken at a distance.

5. Are you ready for online learning?

Having scored a 20 out of 20 on the test measuring one's suitability for online learning, I would qualify as an exceptional candidate for online learning.

6. List the strategy you are most likely to try to contribute to your success in this course?

In light of the counsel offered by the Illinois Online Network, I am moved toward a strategy of self-discipline. According to the Network, "With the freedom and flexibility of the online environment comes process takes a real commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the process." This is an important element of succeeding in online classes and I have taken numerous organizational and time-management steps in order to achieve this type of discipline.

7. Why are listening habits important?

Listening habits are a prime determinant of how well one gleans the important information from a statement, a lecture or a presentation. The refinement of one's listening habits is tantamount to one's ability to take information gained from a lecture and apply it to more complex problem-solving scenarios.

8. What step is a priority for you?

My top priority is to take these steps from careful listening and diligent self-discipline and turn them into critical thinking skills. From the focus and attentiveness that I dedicate to my learning, I expect to strengthen my own abilities for intuitive and insight.…

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