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Strategic Staffing Handbook

A definition of strategic staffing that supports the requirements of the organization.

The basic definition of strategic staffing is finding the right people, who can be placed in positions where they will utilize their skills to benefit the organization itself. There are a number of different variables that are a part of any kind of strategic staffing solution to include:

Locating those personnel who can help the organization to grow.

Effectively filling vacancies with those individuals who: can allow the company to achieve it objectives.

Having strong interpersonal skills to reach out to various individuals.

Actively recruiting talent who can bring special skills to the organization.

Ensuring that you have a competitive compensation program to: help retain those staff members that are most valuable to their organization.

These different elements are important, because they are showing how our definition of strategic staffing strategy is addressing the specific requirements of a corporation. Once this takes place, it means that HR personnel can identify those individuals who can help their company grow over the long-term. At the same time, they are highlighting how employees must receive a competitive compensation package for retaining key talent. Over the course of time, this will address the needs facing an organization by: providing it with the tools to help managers excel. ("Strategic Staffing," 2009)

A description of the job analysis process and an example job analysis format.

The job analysis process is when you are identifying specific factors that could have an impact on: the abilities of someone to be successful in a particular position. As, you are looking at a number of different variables to make this kind of determination to include: core values, vision, requirements of the jobs, skill sets, experience, education and aptitude just to name a few. These different elements are important, because they are showing how the job analysis process is one of identifying individuals who: can excel in these areas and you are placing them in positions where they can standout.

A good example of a job analysis format can be seen when a company is creating a position that will require specific skill sets (such as a software engineer). To be successful in this area, a person must have the education and experience to meet the organizations objectives. To determine the ideal candidate for a position, the company must clearly state what skill sets are necessary. During the interview process, HR personnel will ask: a variety of questions to candidates and they will look into the background of those people they are most interested in. This is significant, because it is showing how HR staff will examine a number of different variables. When making, any kind of determination as to who is most suited to work in this position. Once this occurs, it will allow the company to streamline their hiring process and locate those candidates that will excel on the job. Over the course of time, this will help an organization to improve their professionalism by: indentifying those individuals who have the ability to work most effectively.

The approach to posting a position and the related rationale for taking that approach. Plus, a short example job posting.

The basic approach for posting the position will be to list those attributes and skill sets that are necessary for a candidate to excel at the job. The reason why is we are taking this kind of focus, is because this will serve as way of: initially screening and informing everyone about what is required to work in particular area. At the same time, it is seeking to educate potential employees about: the employer and their different policies / procedures that are in place. Once this occurs, it will allow an organization to identify those people who are most suited to work in the position (with this serving as a way of introducing the organization to the


This will make the hiring process more effective in addressing the needs of company by: finding candidates who qualify based on predetermined standards. (Bechet, n.d.)

A good example of this can be seen with a sample job posting that an employer will list for the CFO of an organization. Below is how elements of our job posting will appear when the public is looking at it.

A large multinational corporation is seeking out a CFO that has experience in working in corporate environment. The ideal candidate must meet the following requirements:

5 years experiences working in Fortune 1000 company.

A minimum of a Masters degree in Corporate Finance.

Must have effective communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment.

Competitive salary plus benefits, that go beyond what is offered from traditional employers. (Bechet, n.d.)

These different elements are important, because they are highlighting how the company must be able to inform candidates about: the requirements and responsibilities of the position. At the same time, they must discuss the benefits that they are offering. Once this takes place, it will help them to identify those individuals who are most suited for working in a particular career field. This is the point that they will be able to effectively reach out to those individuals who can meet the basic requirements. (Bechet, n.d.)

An example application form and an explanation of how it should be implemented and related reasoning for the approach recommended. Make sure your application form contains only legally permitted inquiries.

The application form is designed to provide employers with background information about the individual in concise format. These different elements will provide the most relevant information to HR personnel in the form of: a summary of a person's experience, education and other attributes which will help them to distinguish themselves. As a result, our application form will include a number of different elements.

Personal Information: this section is where the individual will provide information that will help employers to establish that they are legally able to work and where they live. As, it will cover a number of different areas such as: name, Social Security number, if a person is willing to relocate / travel, if they have been employed by the company before or convicted of criminal activities. These elements are important, because they are highlighting how the company can screen and qualify a person based on the information they have provided.

Education: this is when you want to understand the overall amount of education of a particular candidate. This will provide specific information that will help HR managers in determining if they qualify for the position (with this providing a foundation as to how successful someone will become in the future).

Work experience: this will provide insights as to overall knowledge and skill sets that a particular candidate possess. At which point, HR managers can make an effective determination if an individual will fit in line with requirements of the position.

These different elements are important, because they are highlighting how the application will provide a summary of the candidate and their overall qualifications. Once this occurs, HR personnel can make an accurate determination as to if someone will qualify based on the information that it provided.

Layout the interview process: (a) what is the organization's interview philosophy? (b) Provide some examples of good (non-generic and legally acceptable) interview questions.

During the interview process you will discuss various aspects of job and ask different questions to understand the thinking of a specific candidate. The basic philosophy is to see how someone is reacting to a particular situation and the potential impact they could have on the company. This takes place, by having each candidate specifically state how they will react to particular situation based upon: spur of the moment thinking. Once this occurs, it will provide insights about how an individual will perform in the position under variety of circumstances. In most cases, the best way of utilizing this technique is to have candidates go through a series of at least two different interviews with various HR personnel. This will help the organization to have an accurate assessment as to if someone can be able to excel in a particular position. (Jackson, 2008, pp. 97 -- 120)

As a result, we will be asking candidates a series of questions, to discuss how a person will handle a variety of situations as a part of their responsibilities. A few of the most notable include:

How will you react to situations where employees have become difficult to work with?

Why do you think you are the most qualified for the position?

What are the strengths that you can bring with you to the position?

How will you be able to adjust to changes that are taking place inside workplace?

What are some of the challenges you faced with a past employer? What steps did you take to effectively resolve the situation?

What kind of activities do you like to do on your own free time?

Describe a situation where you were able to overcome tremendous amounts of…

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