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¶ … student, degree Health Adminstration. I worked a health care staffing supervisor 10 years. personal experience incorporated paper fact husband sickle cell anemia I cared 20 years. I have always been drawn to helping people, both in my life and in my career pursuits. In planning the next phase of my life, I wanted to follow a path which would allow me to better the lives of others while also learning new things every day. I have come to realize that nursing is the profession that suits me best because of my interests, my experience, and my goals.

A degree in nursing would be the second degree that I have pursued. My first degree was in Health Administration. I chose to study that field because I knew that I wanted to work...


I have used my degree to work for the past ten years as a health care staffing supervisor. That profession has given me the chance to work closely with the kind of people that I would like to become: competent, compassionate health care professionals. Thus, I know that I am well-suited for work in a medical environment. I have enjoyed my time in staffing, but I know that I can do more. What I need more experience in, and what further study in nursing will provide, is an understanding of science, technology, and patient care. I am ready to return to school and to throw myself into my studies with zeal. I think going back for a…

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