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students of all ages and backgrounds have enrolled in distance learning degrees through the Internet. The two forms of college education, the traditional on-campus degree and this new distributed learning approach, differ in a number of ways. Yet they both offer specific advantages.

The composition of the student population has changed significantly since the 1980s. A large number of today's college students are older and more heterogeneous. They also demonstrate varying levels of academic preparation. Many would-be students graduated high school a number of years ago and, due to various family and employment commitments, no longer have the flexibility of attending a traditional university setting. Further, some individuals live in remote geographical areas or do not have appropriate transportation opportunities. Distance learning offers them a much more expedient way to further their education.

Distance learning offers such students the opportunity to learn online through their computers. Distributed learning programs are designed to enable individuals to achieve their educational and career goals in a way that is most convenient. They can arrange to study wherever they are and whenever they have the time arranged around their
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personal schedule.

At the beginning of a distance learning class, the instructors normally transmit all information on assignments and lectures and provide or explain the study materials required. Throughout the course, students complete the work on their own, just as they would in an on-campus classroom setting. They use their computers to interact in discussions, ask questions and receive feedback from both the instructor and other students. When assignments come due, they send them to their instructors online, who grades and sends them back with comments.

However, it is important for individuals to determine if distance education is the right avenue for them. It definitely is not for everyone. It requires a great deal of personal discipline and just as much, if not more, work and time commitment as a traditional classroom. If an individual is not self-motivated or has a tendency to put things off, it is very easy to get considerably behind the classroom schedule and not be able to catch up. With distributed learning, there is nothing stopping students from deciding to watch the latest reality show instead of turning on their computers. Also, would-be distance learning students need to…

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