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Team Leadership Strategy In light of the expected departmental changes that are part of the company's strategic plan to enter a particular market segment, it is imperative for team leaders to select a team that will efficiently accomplish all goals that have been set. Thus, I present the leadership strategy that I will use for my five-member team, which is made up of hardworking, dynamic, and goal oriented individuals.

Team personality assessment: Adeniyi (2007) explains that the foundation for success is character and personality. Therefore, personality assessments were first conducted before to ensure team members possessed the right mix of character traits that will guarantee good team performance. The team members should be hardworking, disciplined, cooperative and patient. Self-efficacy and integrity are also vital as they will ensure continuity of operations even when I am absent. Both introverts and extroverts are an important part of the team because the introverts, being the best listeners and observers, will bring unorthodox perspectives; while the extroverts, who are more aggressive and outspoken, will ensure that the entire team is performing at its best throughout. Moreover, the team accommodates members from different cultures to promote diversity and to encourage creativity. As a leader, I believe that passion, good communication skills, and writing skills to ensure they communicate effectively. Furthermore, since the department will use more technologically advanced machines and gadgets, the team will be trained how they are operated. The entire team will also have to learn how to appreciate members from different cultures and how to accommodate their diverse opinions and ideas when solving problems and making decisions.

Leadership approach for each team member: According to Adams (2007), the effective leader chooses a leadership approach based on the situation, character traits, and the relationship they have with the group. Thus, my leadership strategy matches each member's personality traits with the leadership approach that will ensure they perform both efficiently and effectively.

Team member 1: Team member 1 is extroverted, highly opinionated and outspoken. However, although he is hardworking and ambitious, he tends to rebel against instructions and authority. It will, therefore, be more effective to use a collaborative approach that will enable him to view me as a team member instead of authoritative figure. This approach is based on the followership theory of leadership, which assumes that the effectiveness of a leader is indicated by the quality of the followers (Adeniyi, 2007). It will create an environment that will allow team member 1 to voice his opinion, give suggestions and ask for clarifications when necessary.

Team member 2: Team member 2 is introverted and shy. She…

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