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¶ … Sunscreen and melanoma: Is our prevention message correct

The idea that sunscreen is an effective weapon against melanoma has become so commonly cited it has become a cliche: not only do primary care providers make the recommendation to wear sunscreen with a SPF over 15 -- even magazines and popular memes underline this advice. However, according to Planta (2011), evidence-based research does not support the idea that sunscreen protects against cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM). In fact, although rates of sunscreen use have increased in recent years, the rates of this particularly deadly form of melanoma have also continued to rise at a rate of 3% per annum (Planta 2011). There is also a correlation between the use of sunblock and the likelihood of developing sunburns, which leads to an elevated risk of developing melanoma. Even children whose parents applied sunblock...


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded "there is no evidence that sunscreens protect you from malignant melanoma" (Planta 2011).

It should be noted that studies are contradictory regarding sunscreen efficacy overall in terms of preventing skin cancer of all varieties: according to some studies, sunblock may be useful in reducing the risks of squamous cell carcinoma but not basal cell carcinoma. While "although there is convincing evidence that nonmelanoma skin cancer is related to cumulative sun exposure, there is less evidence of that association with CMM. If CMM were related to cumulative sun exposure, one would expect that outdoor workers would have a greater incidence of CMM than indoor workers. However, that is not the case" (Planta 2011). In fact, CCM is increasing most rapidly amongst individuals who spend the bulk of their hours indoors and who receive three to nine times less solar UV radiation than those who spend most of their time outside. "Furthermore, there is a higher incidence of CMM among whites living in northern states such Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire (>30 per 100,000), which enjoy less year-round sunlight and UV radiation than southern states such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, and New Mexico (

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Planta, M. (2011). Sunscreen and melanoma: Is our prevention message correct? Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 24 (6): 735-739. Retrieved from:

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