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¶ … supportive documents; -day workshop agenda answer question # 1. Also, provide answers listed questions. Also, include citations document references. 1. Discuss handle brainstorming aspect meeting. Discuss how you will handle the brainstorming aspect of the meeting.

According to the listed schedule, the 'ground rules' of civil discourse will be posted for all to see at the beginning of the meeting (such as beginning on time, talking in turns, and being respectful). The ground rules of brainstorming should also be posted. Of course, based upon their experiences in grade school, most people are familiar with brainstorming techniques. However, it is important to refresh their minds. Brainstorming rules include not censoring yourself or others, setting a time limit for the brainstorming (or a limit on how many ideas must be generated before stopping), and not censoring others (Baumgartner 2006).

Before the meeting begins, it should be decided if the brainstorming should take place collectively as a group, individually or by using a combination of two techniques. Participants...


Or a facilitator can appear before the group and write down the suggestions group members make. Both techniques have their merits. On one hand, individualized brainstorming tends to foster less self-censorship On the other hand, people may feel intimidated having to come up with all of their ideas by themselves, and can 'springboard' off of the ideas of others. Additionally, group brainstorming creates greater cohesiveness amongst group members.
The best technique, to foster team-building while still allowing for more individualized input may be to have a short, individualized brainstorming session after introducing the rules, and then shift to a collective brainstorming session, where people share their ideas and generate new concepts. After the brainstorming period, then a certain set of standards are created, by which to judge the quality of people's ideas (Baumgartner 2006). This enables the ideas to be refined and the best contributions from the 'free for all' can be selected and developed.

Q2. Apply risk…

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