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¶ … Top-Most Dangerous Drugs Criterion of Ranking

Presently, the globe is struggling to ensure that children in the teen and pre-teen do not abuse drugs. This is premised on the notion that some drugs are more dangerous than others are. In this study, I benchmarked the ranking of drugs based on the effects on the user and those around them. It must be appreciated that psychoactive drugs influence one's brain functioning and relationships with others in the society. Some of the effects of such drugs whether alcohol, crack or cocaine include impaired mental judgment, worsened economic status when addicted, the possible engagement in crime, and societal disturbance (Nutt 29). The level of harm to the individuals and society is the basis for classifying the drugs. The health status of the user...


In this case, drugs that are the most harmful to the user's health should be ranked as the most dangerous. It is necessary to mention that drugs that negatively affect the health of an individual are life threatening (University of Otago, 2012). Addiction is also among the greatest risks because of the extreme dependency it causes among users. The users are addicted to them and cannot function without them. Such drugs should be ranked as the most dangerous drugs. The well-being of the society is essential for development and advancement. However, some drugs affect the users until they cannot be productive to the society. For instance, addiction causes dependency, and the users have to spend money to purchase drugs. Economic costs incurred in the process affect the society. Additionally, the notion is connected to the crime. If the addicted users lack the funds to purchase the drugs, the might resort to crime to acquire these funds. Therefore, the level of addiction of a drug should be included in the criterion of ranking drugs according to their risks (Nutt 51). The individual output of a person is a significant factor towards enhancing the well-being of the society. However, some drugs do not facilitate work output because they alter with brain functioning. It is necessary to realize that drugs that reduce the productivity of a person should be rated among the most harmful drugs. The study ranks the five most dangerous drugs in the U.S. In this case, the above criterion is used, with…

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