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Tactics and Sustainment Exam 1/8 ABCT conducts area defensive operations along Orange south of Bridgeport to secure the route and allow 4/8 ABCT to conduct decisive operations in attacking and securing OBJ Bravo 80km west of Bridgeport along Route Orange.

The commander's intent of this or any mission must engage the large picture and determine the overall strategic objectives in this particular scenario. The intent of the commander is the key component in delivering a usable and practical order that can communicate the needs of the military unit in the most economic, expedient and reasonable manner. The intent of this mission is no different, as the battlefield continues to shape, and contingencies are emplaced, the commanders' intent becomes that more important as the previous laid plans become unusable due to this shift

The extended purpose of 1/8's shift to a defensive posture is related to the ultimate goal of securing OBJ Bravo some 80 kms from Bridgeport and the point of trouble. Key tasks for this unit will be to defend and secure Route Orange in the vicinity of Bridgeport to allow for the passing of follow on units which will be used for the decisive event on OBJ Bravo. Other key tasks include reporting enemy intelligence and reshaping the battlefield with this information. Providing cover and concealment when necessary to follow on units. Provide cover and flanking fires. Provide indirect fire support to allow safe travel. The endstate of this mission is to have the follow on units pass with less than 10% casualties and damage. The enemy is locked down and cannot return effective fire on the follow on units enroute to OBJ Bravo along route Orange.

Question 3

1/8's primary task is defensive in nature. The original mission was to seize and control OBJ Bravo, but due to a reshaping battlefield the chain of command has declared that 1/8's energy will be better spent defending an area near...


This area defensive measure is consistent with the scenario on the ground and meets the commander's intent of the CG of the division. Question 4

A decisive operation in military operations is the critical event in which the gains and losses of battle are most likely to be experienced. The decisive mission for the division in this case is to secure OBJ Bravo.

Question 5

Shaping operations for this mission include reconnaissance and intelligence gathering operations, passing of forward lines, movement of units in tactical proficiency, fixing the enemy to allow for passage along RTE Orange.

Section 2


Question 6b

The task of the cavalry squadron is to provide an area reconnaissance of the western flank of Bridgeport. The subtasks include finding and reporting enemy activity, report critical information and inspect, locate and detect alternate routes, call fire missions when necessary. The purpose of this task is to provide mobility and security for follow up units along Route Orange.

Question 6d

1st Battalion: Task: Secure western flank of ABCT, provide fires and leading unit on Route Orange to OBJ Bravo. Purpose: to facilitate the travel of 1/8BCT and follow on units enroute to OBJ Bravo.

2nd Battalion: Task: The ABCT's main effort, use area defensive posture. Purpose: To deter and minimize enemy operations along Route Orange. Purpose: to provide covering fires, cover, and concealment for travel of follow on units.

3rd Battalion; Task: Provide reserve forces. Purpose: to ensure Route Orange remains clear and passable.

Question 6f

Fires Battalion. Task and purpose: Provide indirect fires that support the defensive posture of 1/8's current environment.

Question 6i

The situation the battlefield has formed, has suggested that the bridge along Rte Orange, just south of Bridgeport is the key terrain and is where the commander should be located to have a well suited position to direct the battle.

Section 3

Question 7

According to FM 3-21-21, the Combat Service Operations is " the core of combat service support to the SBCT is the brigade support battalion. The BSB provides direct support to the SBCT. The BSB has an austere force structure with the minimum capabilities necessary to support the SBCT. This CSS support package is strategically mobile and focused only on sustainment necessities and thus does…

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