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¶ … school in Brooklyn NY recognizes the requirements for least restrictive environment and develops Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students with special educational needs. This investigation will describe the applicable laws that govern the situation and have a better understanding of the policies and procedures mandated by government regarding special education.

Implementing Special Education Polices at My School

The need for special education with the public schools in New York City are regulated by several laws and policies. These include Parts 200 and 2001 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Individualized education programs are required for special education students, and in my school this is practiced in accordance to the regulations and policies that apply. These laws are implemented by the teachers themselves as the abide by these guidelines. Teachers must work with parents and other members of the student's support group including counselors to ensure that these regulations are being implemented with the necessary approval of those involved in these creations.

Processes in Place

There are several processes in place that determine if a student requires special education. Standardized testing and grade history play a prominent role in this decision however the school psychologist and counselors also contribute to the...


The parents of these students must also be involved in this process in order for a student to be placed in a special education program. The process may be overburdened at our school because the numbers of special education students grows each year as these programs are prevalent in our school system.

Ensuring Compliance

Compliance with IEPs at our school is generally unmeasured until a problem arises. The extra effort and time that is needed in the development of these IEPs leave many special education teachers fatigued and without the necessary resources to ensure that they are being compliant with all of the rules and regulations. While most of the obvious rules and regulations regarding IEP compliance are certainly met, there are no doubt failings as well that are not in compliance with state and local standards. In the rare case that a teacher feels they are not being met, the principal becomes involved to determine the scope of the problem and offer solutions.

Faculty Attitudes

The faculty is mostly dismissive about the least restrictive environment and the IEP process as a whole. Most teachers in this school do not teach just to obey laws. IEPs and least restrictive environment policies are adhered to but not respected in many ways. Many of the parents of the special education students feel that IEP's will save their child from their problems. Unfortunately, many teachers disagree and feel that these models are too demanding and over-tailored to the student's individual needs putting a strain on teacher resources. Collaboration with special education teachers and students is brief and does not approach the subject with any seriousness.

IEP Problems

The IEP process is too demanding for most teachers as each student needs an enormous amount of attention from the teacher if any real progress…

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