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Are you organized in your daily and occupational life and if so please explain?

2. How many contacts did you maintain in your previous position? For example how many businesses were contracted for supplies and/or individuals did you communicate with on a weekly basis outside of the business.

3. What scale of materials handling do you have experience with in the work setting? For example: number of products procured and warehoused in your previous job.

4. What materials management program did you use in your last position? For example the computer tracking program or if in house developed please describe.

5. If you were given a conflict associated with usability of a product, by a user in the field how would you address that conflict and how would you use the team to help find alternatives?

6. If you were referred to a new "innovative" sustainable product that could ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of a given project but that material was outside the budget of most projects it could be used on how would you follow up to either resolve the conflict or reject the product?

Interviews will be conducted for approximately one hour and will require the interviewee be either present or on the telephone. Favorable answers on these questions will determine the candidate(s) who return for a second round of interviews. Second round interviews will emphasize personality and will include a warehouse, plant and project site visit and will therefore require the interviewee be present.

Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation will occur at 9 months and be concluded by one year and will consist of a job analysis description reviewed and submitted by the new employee and then a follow up interview that addresses his or her perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the job and self. The individual will be asked to offer a list of job and then self strengths and additionally job and self weaknesses and then these documents will be reviewed collectively with the supervisor i.e. The Sustainability Reviewer. The whole process will be recorded in a follow up report/brief that will then be submitted to the VP of Finance and together the two will determine a merit-based pay increase/if deserved and any additional changes or adjustments that need to be made to the job itself to allow it to be more successful. After the close of the evaluation and its review the employee will be given a copy of the formal review and be offered suggestions and feedback for materials...


(Allender, 1995)


This exercise demonstrates the development of a greater understanding of the TQM process as well as team based theories of organizational behavior management and demonstrates a well thought out plan for incumbent replacement in a given job. The development of sustainability in public administration is essential to improvements, across the board and integrating cost with sustainability is also essential. The position of Team Leader: Procurement/Acquisitions is an essential member of the cost control and sustainability team and requires fundamental development. In this work the incumbent of the job, being promoted to a new position associated with the development of greater sustainability in procurement and overall development of the organization, provided a systematic job analysis for the open position and then presented several formal procedures for recruitment and evaluation of the job vacated. The exercise demonstrates application in a real world (though theoretical) scenario that demonstrates the fundamental commitment in many city governments to create and engender an organization goal of sustainability while still taking usability and ultimately budget into consideration.


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Appendix 1

Job Analysis Questionnaire


The purpose of this study is to obtain current information about your job based on a review of job duties and responsibilities.

Because you know your duties and responsibilities better than anyone else, we need your help to get an accurate description of your job.

Job descriptions

Sources Used in Documents:


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