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Chronic illnesses, for instance diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are liable for several deaths that take place in the United States. Primary or causal factors for these illnesses are in general nutritional factors for instance use of tobacco (smoking), poor nourishment, and sedentary living. In particular, this research study attempted to establish the behavioral and medical effect of a therapeutic lifestyle-change intervention on a set of community helpers. The method of the study encompasses 348 participants in a randomized clinical trial between the ages of 24 and 81 years of age. The participants were requested to participate along with their significant other and thereafter randomized as a unit in pairs. The remaining participants were randomized individually as units. This encompassed teaching the participants the significance of making better decisions with reference to their lifestyles. The program results, six months later indicated that the patients had been having better nutrition and had reduced their weight (Aldana et al., 2006).


Results of the research study...


According to the researchers, in the first six-month period, the main reason of improvement in health was substantial enhancements in nourishment and physical activity behavior. Half a year later, the group participants in the intervention consumed 2-3 times the amount of fruit and vegetables daily in comparison to their consumption when the experiment started. On the other hand, the participants who finished the program for behavior change and espoused the DASH diet, consumed 3 times of fruit and vegetable by half a year later after commencing. These patients reduced their fat calories by 9.5% and lost about 5.8 kilograms on average, whereas, intervention participants reduced their fat calories by 8.2% and lost about 4.5 kilograms on average (Aldana et al., 2006).

How Research May Be Used To Improve Health Outcomes

This particular research study may be employed to improve health results in the forthcoming periods. Chronic diseases are responsible for numerous deaths every year. The study indicates that using healing programs for change in lifestyle behaviors can immensely enhance nutritional behaviors and physical activity behavior. In addition, the study indicates that the program can decrease several of the risk factors that are linked to chronic diseases. This indicates that the context of this research…

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Jepson, R. G., Harris, F. M., Platt, S., & Tannahill, C. (2010). The effectiveness of interventions to change six health behaviours: a review of reviews. BMC public health, 10(1), 538.

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