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Phantom of the Opera" -- Recent theater performance

What is all the fuss about? For many years, ever since this reviewer was a child, stories have been spun about the wonders of this tale, of Erik, the lonely and murderous phantom of the Paris Opera tunnels, who falls in love with a lovely orphaned ballet dancer and soprano, named Christine. He mentors her in her music through the mirror of her dressing room until she falls in love with a man named Raul. Erik, the phantom, tries to steal her away forever, but only after Christine takes the starring role in the opera he has been writing for the stage for many years. At the end of the play, he allows Christine to live her own life and leaves the theater.

Since this play has been running for so long, much of the cast's chorus is seasoned, and all of the current performers are replacements for the originals. Many of them appear to be singers by training rather than actors, as they tend to sing to the audience, rather than emotionally interact with one another. The only exception is the woman who plays Christine's rival,…

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