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In this order of ideas, they could be divided into it professionals and simple individuals who revealed a passion and hobby towards technological innovations. Ergo, the second segmentation criterion is that of professional or personal passion for technology.

As Brad Miser (2003) points out, the iLife is designed for both semi-professionals as well as hobbyist. Therefore, the third segmentation criterion is given by the individuals who either work, or are interested in the features available through iLife (view, organization and editing of films, music, photographs and webpages). This may be considered similar to the previous criterion, but it in fact is not as a technology fan may find no real use in the iLife '09.


The objective of an integrated marketing communications plan is that of getting to know the customers better and ensuring that the products and services they are presented with offer them utility. The goals of IMC are marketing objectives, but they are related to the company's overall desires. In this order of ideas, the IMC strives to satisfy the customer and the company strives to achieve increased revenues. The relationship between the two sets of objectives is given by the fact that satisfied customers become loyal customers, whose continued purchases ensure sustainable and increased organizational revenues.

Marketing Communications Mix

The IMC mix is based on the features of the general marketing mix, namely product, price, place and promotion.

Product the iLine would be sold under the Apple brand name its stated functionality is that allowing the editing, organization and viewing of digital content the software application is a powerful tool, yet its user friendly interface makes it easy to use the product has a high quality, guaranteed by the Apple brand it comes packed in a coloured cart book, revealing the features of the product, as well as contact information on Apple Inc.

A the box contains a DVD with the "iPhoto '09, iMovie '09, GarageBand '09, iWeb '09, iDVD, and QuickTime 7.5.5" (Website of Apple Inc., 2009) the accessories include printed and electronic documentation, in order to make its usage further easy it offers one year warranty

Promotion the company would use a pull promotional strategy, by which they would raise the interest of the consumers and attract them towards the product promotions would mainly consist of discount sales, by which iLife '09 would be available at a lower price the company could also offer additional services, such as extended warranty or accessories (including discount prices for headsets) the company would maintain constant communications with the audience in order to identify new demands or unsatisfied needs advertisements would be simultaneously present on multiple media channels commercials would be aired during prime time television and radio shows, street banners and fliers, as well as interviews in specialized magazines or the World Wide Web

Price the promotional retail price of the iLife in the United States is of $79.00 (Website of Apple Inc., 2009) this price should be increased in order to generate sustainable revenues it should also be increased in accordance with the costs of international distribution the suggested retail price on the Taiwanese market would be of $100.00 per piece the company would implement a variable pricing strategy, which sees that a modification in the costs of manufacturing, distribution, marketing and so on, materializes in a direct modification of the retail price of the iLife


Apple does not currently operate its own retail facility in Taiwan and would therefore have to use intermediaries

Apple does however run manufacturing operations in Taiwan and could opt for the iLife '09 to be sold by the manufacturing plants also, the taiwanese customers could order their iLife '09 online; the shipping costs would not be offered by the manufacturer

Justification and Discussion

The usage of Integrated Marketing Communications is likely to retrieve beneficial outcomes as it supports the organization reach its overall goals through the achievement of intermediate goals. In this order of ideas, IMC increases customer satisfaction, which in turn generates corporate revenues. The product decisions are backed by their ability to position the iLife as an attractive software application, with the ability to attract customers. The pricing and distribution solutions help Apple Inc. By offering it better abilities to protect itself against the risks incurred by


Finally, the promotional decisions are useful as they offer an increased broadness of product details, which will also raise the interest of consumers.

Integration will be achieved through the implementation of the IMC principles at all organizational levels and at all stages of the marketing process. Through this, attention will be constantly placed on customer relations and increased customer satisfaction.

Timeframe and Estimated Budget

The implementation of the strategic course of action would commence by conducting market research, to then continue with the development of the advertisements, based on the information retrieved at the previous stages. The commercials would be aired and the promotional sales would commence. Finally, the promotions would cease and the company would begin selling the iLife at its suggested retail price (or at an adjusted price). The marketing plan will be implemented throughout the course of eight weeks, as revealed by the succinct Gantt chart below (the final column of the chart is an addition to the traditional Gantt chart and represents the percentage of each task in the overall budget):

iLife in Taiwan

Company name

Apple Inc.

Start date



Duration days

Estimated budget

Market research

Development of advertisements

Airing of Advertisements

Promotional sales

Sales at real price

5. Conclusions

The dynamic and highly competitive environment of today's forces economic agents to engage in multifaceted operations that increases their chances of success. A primary target of these operations is the customer, and recent academic studies reveal that marketing operations should be integrated at all organizational levels. The Integrated Marketing Communications serve this purpose and they could be implemented by Apple in the launch of their upgraded iLife '09 in Taiwan.

In identifying the target market, three criteria of segmentation should be used: the owning of a Mac book, professional or personal interest in technology and interest in the appliances of iLife. In this order of ideas then, the Taiwanese target market upon which the marketing strategies will be implemented is formed from Mac book owners, passionate by technology and which retrieve utility out of using iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD.

In terms of marketing mix, Apple Inc. should focus on positioning the product so that it reveals its benefits and attracts the customers. The pricing and distribution strategies ensure a protection against the risks incurred by international operations. Finally, the promotions allow customers to become acquainted with the iLife and raise their interest.


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