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¶ … Theories

According to Kerlinger and Lee, the role of theory is a vital part of building a sound hypothesis in a paper. The positioning of existing theory in this effort takes two basic shapes. First, it is important to access and utilize existing theory via prior published work that relates to the investigation. Second, it is also important to recognize the role of other researchers who have utilized the theory or theories in question in their research. Conversations and debates with researchers can assist the process of not only understanding the theory, but also utilizing it effectively in terms of creating and supporting the proposed hypotheses.

When investigating prior research, it is also important to distinguish between the theories being used and the empirical results achieved by utilizing the theories. The researcher should, for example, not mistake the results for the theory itself, but instead cultivate an understanding of the theory by examining the results. The results are what strengthen or disprove the theory. A strengthened theory will then be the ideal component for research and for proving hypotheses.

At the same time, the authors warn that it is also important to not let the ideas of others overwhelm the hypotheses being proposed. In other words, addressing and explaining the theories and works of others relative to one's own should not overwhelm explaining the importance of explaining...


While theory should therefore be positioned as a foundation of the current study, this should be its main recognized role. It exists to provide support for the work being done and not as the focus of the study.

Multiple theories also provide an important mechanism for supporting the relevance and importance of the hypotheses being proposed. A combination of theories, for example, can provide new insight into an existing phenomenon, making it worthy of the investigator's attention. The combination can also suggest new phenomena that have not been considered prior to the particular combination explained by the researcher (Sparrow and Mayer).

The role of theory in quantitative research is significantly important. Quantitative research involves the use of numerical, empirical data for the support of research and hypotheses. Theory is a vital component of this, since it provides the researcher with knowledge around the existing research on the hypotheses being tested. Without the use of theory, there is no basis for the research.

Hence, before data can be collected for the proof or annulment of current hypotheses, the researcher needs to investigate existing research in order to determine the extent of study already conducted on the subject involved. The use of theory in these investigations is an important indication of new ways to use or combine theories in order to inform the new study.

In this way, theory is particularly important towards the start of an investigation. A theoretical basis indicates that the research being conducted is…

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