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Ethics and Morality: The Theories of Ethics and Morality

The subject in this case faces an ethical dilemma, where she has to choose between reporting an ethical concern and just playing along or doing nothing at all. Both choices have serious consequences -- reporting would mean that i) she loses her job and livelihood because of a confidentiality breach, and ii) she stops her organization from producing the environmentally-friendly hovercraft, and consequently, becomes the reason why the world will never enjoy clean unpolluted air. Playing along, on the other hand, would mean that she watches as 200,000 innocent lives are lost as a result of the hovercraft's incompatibility with existing models.

The subject has a duty to uphold confidentiality in all dealings that have to do with the company. Disclosing such information to the press would amount to breach of this duty. However, as a member of a corporate body, she also has a duty to always look out for the welfare of the community. Utilitarianism requires people to always go for the action that maximizes the best interests of the majority -- in this case, the deontological duty owed to the citizens overrides that owed to the company, which essentially means that the subject is...


Given the high cost of the hovercraft (about four times that of an SUV), most people may not afford it, and it may take years before their numbers on the roads are sufficient enough to have a noticeable effect on greenhouse emissions. This means that it could basically take decades before the effect of the same on the environment is felt. On the other hand, deaths resulting from the launch of the same are likely to be triggered immediately, and are deemed to increase as the number of hovercrafts increases. If we are to wait until the hovercrafts are sufficient to have a tangible effect on the environment, and we are losing between 100,000 and 200,000 lives in accidents annually, then we may have no one left to enjoy the 'clean' air by 2050. Based on the consequentialism theory, therefore, it makes sense to stop the launch of the hovercraft.

However, since the subject is guided by professional code of ethics, they will…

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