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The McDonald's Menu and Charles Berger's Uncertainty Reduction Theory

In the field of communication, extant theories and models aim to provide explanations about the nature and dynamics of relating and interacting with other people. These theoretical frameworks also delve into various kinds of communication, such as verbal or non-verbal and intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, and organizational. One of the most important aspects among these kinds of communication concern theories about interpersonal relationships, which serve as the common ground wherein further studies on communication among people from one-on-one, group, and/or organizational.

Among these interpersonal theories, Charles Berger's uncertainty reduction theory figures as one of the most descriptive and analytical theory in studying communication at the most basic level. The uncertainty reduction theory describes the 'self-monitoring' behavior of communicators when initially establishing a relationship or interacting with another communicator or an agent of communication. The theory involves two important concepts: the objective and subjective self-awareness. Objective self-awareness puts the individual self in the "center," while subjective self-awareness considers the individual's environment as the central focus rather than the self (Littlejohn, 1999:260). In effect, the subjective self-awareness is the part of the self that provides rational thinking for the individual, while the objective one centers on the behavior of the individual toward a specific activity or phenomenon.

Given these ideas about self-monitoring and self-awareness, uncertainty reduction is considered as a human communication theory that attempts to make sense, meaning, and understanding to a social phenomenon. The combination of both the rational and emotional selves, according to the theory, diminishes uncertainty of the communicator about his/her environment and allows him/her to react or behave that is consistent with the communicator's values and beliefs.

Indeed, Berger's uncertainty reduction theory encompasses interpersonal relations to include a wider range of communication form: intercultural communication. In intercultural communication, the interplay of


For the purpose of the analysis, three food cultures are studied, which are characterized as possessing distinct 'McDonald's menu characteristics': Canada, India, and Philippines.

Uncertainty reduction theory bears significance to McDonald's marketing strategy to entice potential customers to patronize their products. The process, as the theory's composition, is two-fold. The first phase involves the introduction of a new menu by McDonald's that suits that particular food culture's food diet, preferences, tradition, and values. The process of uncertainty reduction begins with the communicator's (the individual) encounter with the new organization and the artifact itself (McDonald's menu). The individual's receptiveness to the organization would be based on the characteristics of the artifact or the menu. As uncertainty takes place about the individual's receptiveness, s/he would look at the social environment in which the artifact is situated.…

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Official web site of McDonald's-India:

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