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Feminist theory can get very political and insistent, but that can and should be tempered by a realistic understanding of what can be accomplished when people all agree to work together in order to see a positive change in the way people are treated.

When people become focused on the race or gender of a person, or they become too focused on the words used without clarifying the intent of those words, communication can break down and (incorrect) value judgments can quickly be made. There are ways to avoid that, of course, but some people are not aware of how to avoid those kinds of things and other people are simply not interested in avoiding them. People who do not want to avoid those kinds of problems with communication and judgment or do not see that there is even a problem sometimes have trouble separating their opinions, thoughts, and feelings from the logical issues that should be addressed when it comes to equality and communication. By addressing the theories that are seen in the fields of communication and women's studies, more people can work with one another and communicate properly. They can also look at the theories in women's studies and see how feminist theory can be used in order to recognize the value of human beings no matter their gender, race, or other characteristics.


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