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Excerpt from Case Study :

A Statement and Analysis of the Major Options for solving the Problem:

Is the MPT program effective enough to make the Company operate with the most competitive standing in the industry or not? The financial and human resource requirements for this program will decide how much focus the Management should give on it.

The main problem for the Company's Management is to know the effectiveness of this program. According to Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, (2007); the effectiveness of some business strategy is best evaluated from its results. The only way to get the desired outcomes is to provide the best quality products complemented by the best customer services. Callaway Golf Canada wants to provide the best possible value-added services to it every customer. The best option to solve the aforesaid issue and to ensure the success of this program is to arrange the relevant training and development sessions for the MBC teams. Secondly, the Company can increase its focus and emphasis on the quality of its production processes to produce even better quality golf equipments. Also; to resolve the issue of human resource requirements, the company can make teams and groups consisting of members from different areas of its business operations. The technical staff will apply the customer-fitting tests and procedures and the MBT staff will provide the products and services as recommended by the technical staff. Another issue is the limited coverage areas due to less number of staff in the MBC team. To resolve this issue and cover a wider area in providing these services, the Company can arrange more staff, both from inside and outside its workplace. The bigger team will be able to provide customer services to a larger number of customers per day. The Company should not only target the private club members, but also the ones that have not yet taken any membership but could be made a potential customer through this MBT program.

A Recommendation along with Justification:

Keeping in view all the impacting factors on this MBT program, it can be recommended that the Company should implement this program to serve every kind of individual; whether he is member of any private club or not. It should keep the charges for these value added services to minimum and keep a major focus towards making brand loyal customers. It is recommended because customers are the biggest source of earning in this business; if Callaway Golf Canada gets succeeded in making a large number of customers, it will be able to generate more earning even if it charges the least price as compared to all its major competitors (Perreault & McCarthy, 2002).

Plan for Implementing the Recommendation:

The very first thing which can be done to increase the number of customers for this business is to do marketing and promotional efforts for the MBT program (Kotler, 2010). These promotional efforts will create awareness of the service offerings among the potential golf players. The ads or promotional campaigns should highlight the facilities and benefits of customer fitting procedures for them and also mention the charges for these services.

Secondly, to serve the clients in an efficient and well-organized way, the MBC team should make customized plans for different kinds of individuals. For example; if a customer just wants to undergo through the customer-fitting test and has no mind to purchase any product for the time being, he should not be forced to buy the clubs or other golf equipments from Callaway Golf Canada. Rather; he should be communicated with the company's products in a positive fashion in order to build a stronger relationship with him. Moreover, the Company should hire more MPCs; those specialized in customer services or those having some exposure in relevant job responsibilities. The hiring could be done from outside the workplace; or otherwise talented individuals from within the organization can be placed at the suitable positions for the MBT project.

Although Callaway Golf Canada is a manufacturing concern; but its major focus should be towards both, the manufacturing and the after sale customer services. It should realize that public image of a company is developed when a customer remains satisfied with what he had purchased from that company (Farley, 1964). As far as investment on MBT program is concerned, it will further strengthen the customer relations and public image of the Company which ultimately contributes towards an increased sales volume and profitability. Therefore; Callaway Golf Canada should not hesitate to expand money or allocate more human resources for this project.


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