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theory counseling exist, giving a background fit views personality. My views: Life experiences play a vital role's life. These experiences negatively positively effect future. Our life choice, decide destiny.

In today's mental health services, almost anyone either with a university degree or by paying some fees upon following specific courses, can call himself a therapist or a counselor. That professional training is not required when practicing psychotherapy is either something to be worrying us a lot or something we should be thankful for. In the first case, people may be misleading themselves into thinking they can treat patients with mental health issues simply because they've been accredited by nonaccredited training programs. When information is poor and experience is less, we must consider that patients' situation can either not improve or even worsen. On the other hand, there may be a lot of individuals out there with prolific abilities into treating people: alcohol counselors, nurses with a relevant master's degree, etc. What is relevant here is that, in any of these cases, therapists can incorporate some previous either academic or life experience into the way they conduct therapies. A counselor who experienced addictive behavior himself can now empathize with his patients on a different level. Likewise, a nurse's work environment is likely to have helped the former nurse, now therapist into applying counseling more efficiently. But, generally speaking, when applying therapies, the most important aspect, we would believe is to know oneself. Because of the various approaches in treating patients with mental health issues,
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it is relevant to match our personality to the techniques because it would affect our work positively. Also, feeling confident about ourselves reflects on our patients and thus on their situation. We have found that our beliefs and core values identify, in regards to theories of counseling, with existential counseling and transactional analysis. That is to say that, when thinking of counseling approaches, we would extract our hypothesis based on these two theories. We would further test them appropriately considering each patient's individualistic situation. That is not to say that we would dismiss any other practice but we simply believe that treatment, when conducted with confidence and belief, can lead to a patient's recovery sooner rather than later. Whereas existential counseling and transactional analysis enforce our belief on the efficiency of the treatment, we would question subsequent methods simply because we would have to re-analyze our views.

We would consider our personality not limited to, but incorporating existentialist ideas. That is to say that our personal view on life experiences is that we create either positive or negative circumstances for us through the decisions we make. People's choices don't always reflect their potential. Therefore, they may find themselves in difficult situations simply because their assessment over any given circumstance lacked either knowledge or awareness. One negative experience leading to another may inflict the individual with a state of anxiety. This anxiety is likely to take its toll on people if ignored. While it can serve to motivate some, it is disempowering to most. In dealing with anxiety from an existentialist point-of-view, ?it is genuinely a question & #8230;of the introduction of the right abstract ideas, and…

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