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Tourism Chicago

City: Chicago, IL United States of America

Stage of Development

The city of Chicago has been in existence for nearly 200 years and the tourism market that is present there is very entrenched and advanced in development. The city of Chicago has incorporated tourism as a major component of the city's governing structure and has placed many tourist attractions throughout the city. The city itself is a tourist destination making this city one of the most advance developed tourist cities in the world.

Approach to Destination Management

Both business and government have realized the important contributions that tourism has given the city and manages the city in accordance with that idea. Both city, state and federal governments all play a key role in managing this approach by infusing many tourist and leisure businesses throughout the city and promoted throughout the world.

System of Governance

The system of governance within the city of Chicago and its tourist aspirations denote highly...


From the parks, public transportation, advertising and local ordinance, it is clear that both trickle down concept and putsch and pull effects are being used simultaneously due the size of and scope of a city as large as Chicago (8 million people).

Research Undertakings / Applications of Research

It is clear that those running the tourist portions of the city have done their research and have demonstrated the effectiveness of this endeavor. According to the Associated Press " Tourism generated more than $31 billion for the Illinois economy in 2012, state officials say. That's about 5% more than in 2011, when tourism brought in about $29.5 billion. Tourism generated $2.3 billion in state and local tax revenue in 2012."

Tourism Planning

The City of Chicago uses a multi-layered approach to planning with a combination of sustainability, economic and community focused. Chicago is noted as having one of the higher satisfaction ratings among…

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