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Medieval Japan Lesson Plan

The student population for the lesson presentation I observed for what is known as the Ninja Lesson plan was principally high school students. The subject matter discussed in the lessons -- which revolved around ninjas and others who engaged in violence -- was too mature for elementary school students, yet appropriate for even some of the lower grades in high school. The students were from Pan American International High School. They were from a combination of different grades. There were freshman and sophomores, but also some of the lower scoring seniors and juniors at this high school were involved in the lesson as well. As such, it is not inconceivable that some of the more gifted middle school students could have been in this lesson.

The topic of this lesson was Japanese history, particularly as it pertained to ninjas, shoguns, and those sort of warriors. This history was presented in the context of analyzing literary texts to determine the need for protection in medieval Japan. From a broader perspective, this topic deals with the controlling factors for people and whether or not they are motivated by fear, security or religion....


Still, the text that the students read pertained to feudal Japan. Feudal Japan is considered a particularly historic time because there were emperors and empresses, warriors, sword fighting, and marital arts involved as well. This aspect of the topic drew the attention of most of the students, although the overarching topic was whether security, fear or religion are what motivates people the most.

3. The primary method used for assessment of student learning objectives involved having students write comprehension facts about passages that they read. These assessments were modified for exceptional students because they were stratified into four different categories (bold, underlined, italicized, and regular text). Exceptional students read the most difficult of these text stratifications. Those who needed help read the least difficult. Additionally, another means of assessment was having the students work on some of the vocabulary words that they found in the text. Specifically, it was necessary for students to write down vocabulary words that they learned and actually use them in a sentence. Initially, students were supposed to do this simply by analyzing the context in which the word was used in the passage. Eventually, however, students were given the definition and used the word in a sentence. Thus, I had an objective means oaf assessing whether or not they truly understood the definition.

4. The information that I derived from this assessment includes the fact that firstly, these students need to work on their grammar and syntax. Additionally, this information reveals that students certainly have interest in reading about…

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