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Salas, E., Tannenbaum, S.I., Kraiger, K., & Smith-Jentsch, K.A. (2012). The Science of Training and Development in Organizations: What Matters in Practice. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 13(2), 74-101. Retrieved from

Major Thesis

The article by Salas, Tannenbaum, Kraiger, & Smith-Jentsch, 2012, deals with training and development within the context of organizations. The introduction begins with information on spending habits of organizations within the United States in relation to training. They also highlight the importance of such training as it allows for better risk management and reduction in errors. After all, the goals of an organization are to promote competition by giving employees a chance at self-improvement and augmented management skills. Continual education promotes independence and proper run-through in any organization setting from emergency rooms, aviation, to even the military. "Training has successfully been used to reduce errors in such high-risk setting as emergency rooms, aviation, and the military. However, training is also important in more conventional organizations" (Salas, Tannenbaum, Kraiger, & Smith-Jentsch, 2012, p. 74).

There are some downsides to training. Training is not as instinctive as most people presume. The authors point out the need to understand training as a training program. Traditional forms of training that do not involve goal setting and so forth need to combine them like they have in other areas of organizational life to avoid pitfalls. "For example, although forms of goal setting, incentive compensation, and 'pay at risk' are now common in other areas of organizational life, there has been a curious reluctance to implement such strategies in conjunction with training and development" (Ford & Kozlowski, 1997, p. 120).

Two of the things the article identifies in its research is that training works and its design, delivery, and implementation also matter. The purpose of the article is then to explain the purpose of training and how it can be used accordingly through literature review. They also state training should be seen and applied as a systematic process highlighting the importance of understanding the before, during, and after phases of the training process. " can be thought of as the planned and systematic activities designed to promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Effective training takes place when trainees are intentionally provided with pedagogically sound opportunities to learn targeted…

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Ford, J.K., & Kozlowski, S.W. (1997). Improving training effectiveness in work organizations. Mahwah, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Salas, E., Tannenbaum, S.I., Kraiger, K., & Smith-Jentsch, K.A. (2012). The Science of Training and Development in Organizations: What Matters in Practice. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 13(2), 74-101. Retrieved from

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