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CSS Case Analysis

The training objectives for the CSS training program will be that the trainee understands the nature of the position, understands how the position fits with the overall strategy of the university, has knowledge of all relevant software, has basic accounting knowledge, understands the university's communications systems (email, voice mail, etc.), knows where to look up departmental policies, and has an understanding of process management in order to streamline some of the processes. These are all key elements of the job.

These are tied to the KSA requirements for the position. The knowledge includes the functional knowledge areas of the technology and tools that the trainee will be using on the job, and an understanding of the nature of the role. The skills taught include software skills. The abilities include the training on communications and on improving processes. The most important thing is that the candidate has the abilities; the knowledge and skills can be taught, and many of them are proprietary anyway. The...


The only thing that comes first is explaining where the staff parking lot is. The trainee needs to know these things in order to put all of the other KSA training into perspective. The second step in the training agenda will be a tour of the campus and meeting a few key co-workers and supervisors. These introductions are key to the trainee knowing who to ask questions, and building lines of communication with key personnel in the organization. This initial orientation will be a half day.

With these basic points of knowledge out of the way the training program will begin to focus on the skills. There are other points of knowledge that will be woven into the skills training. For example it is easier to explain the student aid system when the trainee is learning the student aid software. Such a technique will allow for better understanding of student's student aid needs in a holistic way. This will take a day, so the afternoon of Day One and the morning of Day Two. Understanding this process is essential to streamlining it.

The Day 2 afternoon will introduce training on the university's communication systems, and the basic accounting knowledge. These are more basic skills and abilities. After two days of training, the trainee is likely becoming overwhelmed, so learning this basic stuff is a way to…

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