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training plan for the implementation of EHR (electronic health record) that St. Joseph Hospital has launched on May 2012. The training program will consist of approximately 1500 hospital employees and physicians. The implementation of the training program will take 6 months to complete and the program will assist St. Joseph Hospital to deliver a quality healthcare to patients.

Present competitions within the healthcare market environment have made healthcare organizations to continue searching for innovation to capture the opportunities and overcome obstacles as well as surviving within the present competitive environment. Training and education has become a critical tool that healthcare organizations employ to achieve competitive advantages. Implementing training and education for employee assists healthcare organizations to eliminate medical errors associated with healthcare practice which consequently enhances quality healthcare delivery.

Fundamental objective of this paper is to provide training and development for new and existing employees of St. Joseph Health System.

Training Needs for St. Joseph Health System.

"Many delivery systems currently seek to improve the quality and efficiency of care through introduction of an electronic health record (EHR)." (Brokel, & Harrison 2009 P. 82). St. Joseph Health (SJH) is one of the top 100 best hospitals in the United States. The hospital provides range of advanced medical care services such as cancer care, pediatrics, heart care, surgery, obstetrics, radiology and other healthcare services. Recently, the hospital has integrated technology and innovation in the hospital operations to improve real-time decision making. On May 6, 2012, St. Joseph Hospital launched EHR (electronic health record), and the installation of the new technology will assist the hospital to deliver quality healthcare and enhances patient's experience. Successful launching of the project will make patients to enjoy:

faster healthcare service easier appointment scheduling exceptional clinical quality safety, and accurate services as well as achieving less time spent on registration.

Despite the information technology systems that the hospital has implemented to enhance the quality of healthcare, management has not yet implemented elaborate training and development for clinical employee for the implementation electronic health record (EHR). An electronic health record is a medical information management system used to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care as well as enhancement decision support system. Typically, EHR assists organizations to enhance better information storage as well as data sharing capabilities. Bohlander, (2011) argues that organizations have taken the advantages of advancements of information technology to enhance competitive market advantages. Typically, the computer network has assisted organizations to store unlimited amount of data electronically, which assists in reducing the costs information storages and retrieval. (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy,2010). Based on the importance of EHR for the organizational efficiency, St. Joseph hospital management has proposed a plan to implement training and development plan for hospital's employee.

Statement of the training objectives

A training objective is a specific skill, knowledge and attitudes that trainees will acquire due to the training activity. By the end of the training course for the electronic health record, employees of St. Joseph Hospital will acquire the following skills and expertises:

able to acquire knowledge and skills to deliver quality healthcare.

To build the skills and knowledge of employees to identify and decrease the medical errors by more than 90%.

To increase the rate of worker's output by more than 85%.

To enhance faster delivery of urgent medications…

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