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Meg Whitman Leadership Style

Admirable leadership style is an essential requirement in individual holding influential managerial position within a company. It is the interaction process between the leader and the other employees, influencing them toward workplace objectives and accomplishment. Leadership is the ability to offer direction toward recommended future ambitions and tune the followers toward goal accomplishment. Leadership theories will be used to explain the effectiveness, performance, and style used by Meg Whitman, to attain the goals and objectives at HP.

There are different styles of leadership that work within companies. They include participative, supportive, directive, achievement-oriented, and transformational. There is a notion that people must be born with the necessary characteristics, to become an effective leader, but this is wrong. However, some of the leadership characteristics are difficult to improve or change if your character does not fit. This does not mean you can be an effective leader if you do not have all of these characteristics. Meg Whitman has developed leadership skills throughout her life (Nicholas, 2013).

One of her leadership styles would be regarded transactional leadership as this design is known for its rewards and motivations, clear command chain, and leader's design structures for employees. Whitman's choice to allow new workers to observe and study the organization's objective for three several weeks is impressive, to say the least. Most companies would not be brave enough to allow such trainings to take place in their premises. The inspiration behind this is to ensure that employees understand all they can and later generate good results from whatever they have learnt. The strategy is impractical because the conventional way of initiating new workers to the travel to diverse countries as people can never learn too much. This shows she is a knowledgeable leader (Longenecker, 2009).

What makes Whitman stand out from other leaders is that she is willing to take a stand apart from the others. This does not mean that group thinking is bad, but group thinking can lead to mob psychology that can be damaging to the growth of an organization or even just the individual. For satisfactory progress to be realized, one may have to rise above the crowd. That is what Whitman has done with HP, and she has confirmed that this idea works. Someone cannot just be contrary to the crowd because of the desire to be different. It is important to consider all conditions to see if getting away from the crowd seems reasonable. For Whitman, it did not appear sensible for HP to contest with smart phones or tablets. It did was sensible to create their own way to serve a large market of clients that she felt were underserved in the market. She could have taken the wrong move, but she did not (Holm-Nielsen, Crawford & Saliba, 2006).

As a transformational leader, Whitman motivates and empowers the employees by including them in decision-making. This motivates them to contribute to the vision and feel that they belong to the group leading to the achievements of the company. Whitman encourages the employees by rewarding them for excellence and superiority work performed. Consequently, Whitman has employees who illustrate top quality efficiency, dedication and job fulfillment (Kuratko &…

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