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Tuberculosis’ policies, finance, global prevention, and treatment initiatives related to Tuberculosis by their applicable ethics principles.

Considerable headway has been achieved in the battle against tuberculosis in the 21st century – a total of forty-nine million patients’ lives have been saved. But the disease continues to pose a major health threat, especially to highly vulnerable population groups worldwide (Organization, W 2009). Tuberculosis prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment gives rise to both ethical and technical problems which must be appropriately dealt with. For example, the latest involuntary quarantine of tuberculosis-diagnosed individuals across the globe raises the issue of balancing public health protection with individual freedoms and rights.

The End Tuberculosis Strategy of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations aimed at eliminating this endemic by the year 2030 demand due focus on ethics, equity, and human rights. To this end, a WHO-published tuberculosis ethics code “Ethics Guidance for the implementation of the End TB Strategy” serves to make sure the program is implemented in keeping with superior ethical standards. Human rights and ethics form the core of a client-focused, humanitarian tuberculosis treatment and care approach. It is imperative that ethical problems be tackled, to acquire patients’ as well as practitioners’ cooperation and trust, which is vital to program success. This encompasses patient support,


A social justice focus implies taking care of the world’s most marginalized and vulnerable groups, and dealing with societal factors underlying the disease. Further, providers need to be offered adequate protections for ensuring a dedicated, healthy healthcare workforce. Nations’ governments are ethically duty-bound to offer free, universal tuberculosis diagnosis, care and treatment access (Donnell, O. 2008), besides offering practitioners a safe work atmosphere and appropriately supporting patients. Global Fund backs initiatives dealing with obstacles to identifying missing tuberculosis cases, promoting best approaches and tools, and integrating tuberculosis screening into other regular check-ups.

How application of ethics principles to the health issue has resulted in population disparities

Health resources and disease burden has been found to be distributed unevenly across America. Frontier and rural populations and ethnic minorities reveal a trend of lesser or inferior resources and greater disease burden, giving rise to significant health disparities. Given the large rural population of roughly sixty million and over fifty million individuals belonging to ethnic minorities, increasing health inequities in these groups with time are growing societal issues.

Rural populations show higher incidence of chronic diseases, deadly medical conditions, motor vehicle accident cases, environmental hazards and self-care and physical limitations linked to disability, as compared to individuals residing in urban and suburban areas. Further, rural inhabitants tend to consume alcohol more regularly, thereby experiencing more serious alcohol addiction side-effects such as…

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