Tylenol to a Friend With a Headache Admission Essay

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Tylenol to a friend with a headache I have desired to be in pharmacy. Pharmacists, like so many other medical professionals, have the ability to ease pain and suffering, to help cure disease, and to bring comfort to those who are ill. I have admired the pharmacist's ability to take a piece of paper and turn it into relief for a patient. I have watch with wonder as a person, struck with fear or pain, receives compassionate advice from a pharmaceutical professional.

I want to go to Pharmacy School in order to learn the science behind the acts of human kindness that pharmacists perform every day. I am interested in learning how and why certain elements and chemicals bring so much relief and how to avoid brining further pain and suffering to another's life with the wrong treatment. I also desire to learn and study how to bring comfort to another person with the right words, the right attitude, with compassion and understanding. I have always valued these qualities in pharmacists I have known. Certainly medicines can relieve pain in the body, but it is the right words, the listening ear that can bring relief to the suffering spirit.

In order to meet the curricular requirements for the program, I have completed my studies in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I have also taken courses in Psychology and Sociology, having taken interest in the human side of science. People are what make the difference between a scientist and a medical professional. I intend to study hard, to do whatever it takes to reach my goals, not only while in school, but afterward as well.

Not only have I prepared myself academically,…

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