Type II Diabetes Lifelong Health Achieving Optimum Thesis

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Type II Diabetes

Lifelong Health:

Achieving Optimum Well-Being with Type-II Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious illness, and it is becoming more and more common in the United States. Obesity statistics are startling, and they are rising yearly; with increased overweight individuals, the risk of Type II diabetes especially, also increases, and few things are undertaken to curb these harmful side effects of the unhealthiness that is taking over this country. While diabetes includes both Type I and Type II, and while both are very common and must be understood, this paper will undertake to understanding Type II diabetes, and will aim to find out exactly what causes this type of diabetes and how society can begin to curb its effect in the populations most affected. Furthermore, the paper will argue that there are two fundamental things that can help a person with diabetes live a better life, and these are healthy eating and regular exercise.

Causes and Effects

There are a few things that have been implemented in order to fight against obesity and diabetes. Because of the ingredients in our food, and because of the fact that much of our food is unhealthy and contains things that are not only not good for the human body, but also those high in fat and saturated oils, there have been a few campaigns enacted to raise awareness as to these facts.

The most famous of these is that undertaken by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, who fights against poor quality food in schools fiercely and whose efforts have indeed raised awareness, though only somewhat.

Thus, it is necessary to truly understand what the effects of poor eating and lack of exercise are doing to society, and this means to understand the effects of such choices in the most serious way, which is to say that the choices we make may or may not keep us healthy into old age. For instance, an individuals who eats too much starch and sugars and does not balance these eating habits with natural ingredients such as those found in fruits and vegetables will develop poor eating habits and most like will either become overweight or obese, as well as develop adult onset diabetes, or Type II diabetes at some point in his or her life. It is for this reason that eating habits, and especially those of children, must be taught and monitored well, for it is children that must remain healthy and learn how important exercise is to staying healthy in order to promote well being in society.

What Must Be Understood

There are two fundamental things that play very important roles in leading a long and happy life, even if diagnosed with diabetes. These two elements are eating healthy and exercising regularly. In order to truly understand Type II Diabetes and how one can combat it, one must also understand that it is possible that this disease's effects can be curbed with care towards diet, as well as the pursuit of a well-established, healthy exercise regimen.

Type II Diabetes is, first, very common. Despite the fact that many Americans are diagnosed with this type every year, few truly know how stable and easy life can be if one were to follow the above-mentioned regimen. This is not to say, however, that it is easy to live with Type II Diabetes. Despite so many diagnosed annually, there are even more Americans who do not know anything about the disease when they are diagnosed, or who are unaware that they are at high risk. Furthermore, whereas there are many causes for being at high risk for the diagnosis, Type II Diabetes is more common in some groups than in others. For instance, African-Americans, Latinos, Native American, Asian-Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders and the aged population are at a much higher risk at developing Type II Diabetes.

The Specifics

This disorder is characterized by the fact that the body does not produce enough insulin, or ignored already produced insulin. Because of the fact that insulin is necessary for the body to make glucose for energy purposes, this poses a huge problem. According to some explanations of what causes the disease and how it can affect individuals, which state that when one eats, "the body breaks down all of the sugars and starches into glucose, which is the basic fuel for the cells in the body," this is a serious thing indeed.


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