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Problem Solving for Mathematics

It is essential to include families in the exploration of mathematics and science so that children are able to see a correlation between their learning at school and the real world, practical application found at their homes. Research indicates that there are numerous adults who have difficulty managing their money (Wells, 2015), which indicates the need to teach the correlation between money and math. One of the most readily available ways to produce this effect is by having students understand the vitality of mathematics through the usage of money and the regular counting and exchanging of currency. One of the most viable means of doing so is to give children a 'piggy bank', and enable them to keep any variety of denominations of money. Certainly all of the different types of coinage should be involved in this process; it would also help to include paper money as well. Such an activity is readily augmented with the dissemination of weekly allowances to students, which they can regard either as compensation...


Finally, it might help this activity to require children to 'pay' some small fee for household pleasures -- such as watching television, getting a new toy, going to the movies, etc. The point is to create a scenario in which the funds that children have fluctuate so that there is a need to count it grant them an opportunity to practice their skills in mathematics.

Additionally, it is important to create a safe environment in which children can practice their mathematic skills. To that end they should keep a notebook or a piece of paper that is regarded as a formal financial 'register', and in which all of their calculations are preserved. Additionally, this register should only be accessed in a safe, consistent place such as the dining room table. Additionally, it might help to have certain roles that family members play while interacting with students and their registers for their banks. Parents can pretend to be the banker and ask the students questions that involve aspects of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To make this environment safer, more formal, and more fun, parents can provide visual representations of their roles by wearing a certain hat or perhaps putting on a tie when they engage their children in these mathematical pursuits related to money. The point is to have the children know when their interactions with their parents are part of this educational exploration related to currency. Additionally, it is necessary to engage the children as much as possible so that they enjoy the activity and hopefully learn from it as much as possible.

There are four essential stages to the process of problem solving. Those stages include defining a problem, elucidating the cause…

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