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Group Structure & Unit Cohesiveness in the United States Army

This paper offers critical evaluation of the United States Army, giving clear, descriptive outlines of what is like to be a member of an elite unit with a perspective of the group structure and the meaning and values of the group. Bibliography cites no references.

The ability to function as a group member: there is no I in team.

There are many institutions and groups that have a strong hold and effect upon many individuals when the join, for instance, a young man just turned eighteen joins the Army, one of the biggest and most well-known groups within the world, whatever his reasons for joining there is a strong need to belong, to fit in and to achieve what his superiors are teaching him to its highest point.

The young man was myself, I joined the United States of America's Army in the 1970's as an officer candidate. From 1980n through to 1982 I was involved with an Infantry unit as Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion 21st Infantry BDE U.S. Army based at Ft Stewart, GA.

Through joining the Army I became part of unique unit of men and women who sought to serve their country through loyalty, this was brought out in us to see and carry the true faith with a non-optional allegiance to the United States of America's Constitution.

Moreover it was to the Army your unit and men of the Army, in other words we were taught to be loyal to country unit and colleague, something that is instilled and carries forth within my own personal life as without the loyalty of friends and country there can be no trust and respect, which in a combat situation could cost lives.

We were also taught to fulfill our duties and those...


Following the values, codes and ethics instilled within us not just to be good Americans but members of fighting units that everyone could be proud of, giving us an integral part of life with the use of moral codes to do what is right and legal with no damage to our moral codes.

The Army also gave us something that can never be given in every day life and situations, it gave us our own personal courage, we faced death and danger every day, this was in some cases even on the training arena when we would use live fire training course, this fear of putting a foot wrong or not ducking into a trench quick enough did not so much as scare us but gave us more impetuous to carry on to strive to survive, the fear and survival gave us the physical and moral courage to carry on where others in civilian life may have fallen.

The values within the Army have changed over the centuries since the first regular Army of the United States was formed for the War of…

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