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Vice refers specifically to crimes of a moral nature and usually refers specifically to prostitution, gambling, and also the dealing of drugs. Vice activities are defined differently by different communities and in general do not represent the laws of the nation or even of the state. Moreover, vice crimes are to be contrasted with crimes of a violent nature. Vice crime is community-defined; local laws generally reflect the social and political beliefs of its citizens as well as their expectations of the character of the jurisdiction. The town of Spurberry has a relatively low incidence of violent crime but vice crime is relatively common. Therefore, the Spurberry Police Department has had to beef up its vice squad in response to the growing needs of the community.

Spurberry is a mid-sized suburban town in the American Midwest with a population of 20, 371. The population is largely middle-class and mostly Caucasian. Spurberry has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Each season poses unique problems for the Spurberry Police Department's vice squad, which contends with a wide range of criminal problems. However, violent crimes are less common in Spurberry than the big three: prostitution, gambling, and drugs. Spurberry's rate of non-violent crimes in these three categories is relatively high when compared with other towns of the same population and demographics. However, though an aggressive attempt to hire qualified officers from other police jurisdictions in the state, Spurberry's Vice Squad has demonstrated excellence in law enforcement. In fact, two years in a row the Spurberry Vice Squad has won awards for crime prevention and number of successful prosecutions of vice crimes. Several upcoming community events taking place in Spurberry demand a revamping and updating of the Vice Squad's policing policies. In particular, the Spurberry Police Department Vice Squad will implement a three-pronged approach to vice prevention: persistent patrolling; rapid response; and prompt enforcement of the law including speedy processing of reported vice crimes.

The upcoming community events that cause the Vice Squad to exhibit extra caution and concern include the Spurberry High School Carnival at the end of the month; a large concert being held in the town park that will include concession stands and rides; and the Junior and High School Proms in the spring. The Vice Squad will approach these events similarly but with specificity regarding the unique situations that might arise in each event.

Because of an increase in funding from state and federal sources due to the increases in population over the past five years in Spurberry, the police department budgeting committee has decided to allocate funds for more patrol cars, improved information technology resources and communications infrastructures, and increased human resources staffed in both field vice and non-field operations such as emergency 9/11 dispatchers and vice squad office workers.

Persistent Patroling

The Spurberry Police Vice Department will be increasingly dedicated to persistent police patroling in the upcoming year. The Vice Department alone will put more patrol cars on the streets especially during the aforementioned events: school carnival, town hall concert, and two proms. The Spurberry Police Department is also in the process of hiring two more vice squad officers from other jurisdictions. These officers should be full members of the vice squad by the end of the year. Therefore, by the time the springtime events such as the junior and high school proms take place, the Spurberry Vice Squad forces will be enhanced.

Persistent Patroling entails encouraging vice squad officers to pay particularly close attention…

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