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¶ … Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts a huge and thorough collection spanning the globe and different time periods, such as the art of ancient Greece and Rome. The collection of art from ancient Greece and Rome at the Metropolitan Museum of Art spans millennia. Remarkably, some of the earlier pieces in the collection date from Neolithic times, thousands of years before the pinnacle of Hellenic civilization. The newest pieces in the collection are those from the time of the late Roman Empire, after its contact with Christianity. The collection also spans vast geographic regions from the territories covered by the ancient Greek and Roman empires.

The collection is massive, but it is possible to view it all in the course of an hour or two. I was drawn to this exhibit area in particular because of the lack of crowds, and especially the stunning architectural details in this area of the building. The neoclassical style of the interior structure blends perfectly with the theme of the collection. Included in the collection are everyday tools and objects, works of public art such as statuary, and private pieces like the paintings that would have decorated the homes of the Roman elite. One of the most striking elements of the collection as a whole is its diversity. Items made of metals, including precious metals like gold, are displayed as well as items made of various types of marble, ceramics, and even wood and other lesser-used materials. Occasionally, I would be drawn to a display case containing ancient jewelry or vases.

Many of the more noticeable and large-scale items in...


These were often the busts of rulers, but often were senators and other elite members of the society. The collection includes statuary from Hellenic Greece as well as Imperial Rome. There are also large collections of stone carvings from sarcophagi, all of which were very impressive. I wanted to learn more about the art and archaeology of this period and these civilizations, and was well rewarded.

Although viewing these items outside of their place of origin takes away somewhat from the grandeur of the experience, I still appreciated being able to learn about the cultures. The information given in each room was helpful for understanding what time period and specific people or culture I was encountering. For instance, I did not know anything about Cyprus or Cypriot art and had the opportunity to learn a lot at the Metropolitan Museum. Similarly, the museum has a lot of Etruscan art, which is from the area now known as Italy but pre-dates the Roman Empire. Even the Greek art was different depending on when and where it was made.

The exhibition shows how artistic techniques improved over time, and that the Greeks and the Romans both developed sophisticated techniques of sculpting the human form realistically. I could not help but think about Renaissance…

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