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Volunteering and Its Significance

There are various incidences that we have over time come to get people volunteering, for instance in different organizations, charitable institutions, there are volunteering in the neighborhood drives, environmental cleanups, volunteering even in fund raising for the community and even to the lower level of taking some time to help the neighbor take care of their overwhelming chores.

Having a family of two little kids, one nine years old and the other six years old, both girls, my concern is mostly on the ability to bring them up to be the right citizens in the U.S.A. And achieve the best they can in the sense of humanitarian and social aspects of life. There have been several incidents of our family giving a helping hand in voluntary service and trying to help where we can.

The last of the several voluntary works was my family volunteered at a soup kitchen last year just before Christmas in Rockford IL. This was a moment that enabled my family to give back to the society ad express the concern and care that we have for the less fortunate in the society. It was a time to interact with people whom we did not know yet we share an ancestry of the human race hence part and parcel of us. It was time of opening more of our world view so that we can be able to see more of what we do not appreciate in the daily lives at our home and be able to allocate due significance and importance to the provisions that we have yet others don't.

For the American community to open up to the less fortunate in the community, there is need to have a diverse leaders and pragmatic leaders who will not only concentrate on the foreign affairs and the complex national economics and financial matrices but also on the basic misfortunes that face the average underprivileged America. These leaders can only be molded in the current generation and they must be shaped by us for the America of tomorrow to have an abundant supply of such leaders. It is for this reason that my family undertakes to shape up the young minds in the house to a people who are responsible and caring for each other as well as those who know the challenges of the underprivileged in the society at such a tender age, with the full hopes and confidence that once they grow up, they will become leaders of substance who care about the underprivileged in the society.

America has for years accommodated, and well so, diverse people from across the world including the most hostile regions to America. This has posed a challenge to me as an individual and my family and has made me want to understand more and ensure I propagate the positive attitude that America has had even further, including the care for the poor people in the country who live below the poverty line that is replicated across the world. It is due to this fact that I undertake to constantly expose my family to the voluntary works and programs so that they can imbibe the significance of such voluntary works and in a way propagate the accommodative culture of America as a whole and ensure that the family grows up to a full understanding of the significance of helping the less fortunate in the society.

My family encourages volunteering for the reason that it gives the intrinsic rewards that one would not achieve from any other source. Every time we volunteer, we come out with the inner feeling of satisfaction and positivity about life that we did not have before the volunteer work. Once we go and interact with people who have some traits that we do not have, or lack some traits that we have, then we come out thanking God more and feeling very positive about life and what we are, this is a feeling that cannot be achieved elsewhere or through any other means.

Having a young family, the least I want to see is them growing up to be selfish and negligent about the plight of the suffering. The best way, as I have found out to teach children the value of generosity is through volunteer work. Volunteering is totally the act of giving back to other and the society, even to strangers with whom you may never meet again. This giving back may involve even the best things that we have received in life. Hence, volunteering teaches us the art of generosity and the act of giving better than any other activity that the person may involve in.

Throughout the volunteer period that I have undergone, I have learnt that it is one of the major ways of telling people who need the help and the encouragement that the world is still a good place to live in. It is a way of showing them that no matter the amount of tragedy that may strike them, there are always a number of people who care about them and are ready to help. There is always a silver lining to every cloud that appears in their life. For instance, if there were no volunteers to help the casualties of the hurricanes, there would be no comfort for the victims hence they would feel like no one cares about them and that the tragedy meant the end of their beautiful life, but with the volunteers streaming in, it makes the burden in their hearts lighter and bearable, taking into account that fellow Americans care for them.

As far as I have seen and even from the recently concluded volunteer work at a soup kitchen, volunteering serves to give hope to those who may have lost hope of living and lost hope in humanity. The fact that we visit the less fortunate and share with them at a voluntary basis and spend quality time with them, this gives them the hope that there is still a portion of the human race that still cares for them and values them despite the challenges that they have.

At a personal level, volunteering will help my kids once they grow up and need scholarships. It is apparent that the volunteer work that one has put up will be a significant aspect to be considered when they apply for scholarships at advanced levels of education. For instance if one wants to go ahead and study Community Service and needs a scholarship, they would stand better chances if they have been on volunteer missions long enough than one who has never bothered to get involved in any. This way, the scrutinizing panel will have a reason to view the volunteer application with more favor than the one who has never volunteered since there is passion indicated already in the subject that he wants to further his studies in and hence more passionate about it, than a person who wants to pursue it just for academic expedience.

Volunteering also has a very significant place in the shaping of the future of a country. It gives us and opportunity to show other what you would like to see being done in the future and showing them how to do so. It is one of the fast steps that one gets involved in as he tries to point at a social change that he would like to see in the society. By one volunteering and making groups work together with a given goal in focus, it is very possible to see the results thereafter. Many leaders and presidents, including president Obama began from a level of volunteering in social movements that made positive impacts on the society, and they ended up succeeding in shaping the society and becoming successful presidents in their countries.

The act of volunteering can also not be under estimated as it also gives chance for the individual to reach personal achievements in both social and even the academic levels. There are some institutions that do grading with factors of volunteering being considered. Apart from the academic achievement, there is also the personal feeling of achievement that my kids and I do have after every volunteer work for having been able to do something that many others have not been able to do. Once I was challenged by a friend who had gone for a volunteer work in Africa, Kenya in particular to undertake the medical camps in the rural areas of Kenya, upon return, it was a feat or achievement that many had not realized and hence it was a personal achievement that he has always been proud of.

Volunteer works also allows the participants to make discoveries about themselves in as much as they are making about the lives of others. For instance, it is only through volunteering that I am able to know the extent of endurance and the practical skills that I may be having. It is through volunteering that my family has been able…

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