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War on Iraq

United States declared that its main motive behind launching military attack against Iraq was to destroy Saddam's so-called vicious plans against the humanity. But how can we justify destruction of terrorism with more terrorism, how did American plan to root out terrorism with the help of massive military attacks which resulted in the death of numerous civilians and left Iraq in a deplorable condition? The answer is simple: Bush administration was never honest with the public and had no solid evidence to link Iraq with terrorist activities around the world, neither did there exist any proof of Saddam having any weapons of mass destruction. But America still went on war, just to declare its supremacy on the world and to show everyone that it had the power to do anything it wanted to do. I staunchly believed that war was wrong and now with the Iraq in tatters, I am even more convinced that I was right. We never gained anything from most of our previous military attacks including the one on Vietnam because in all these…

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