Ways To Improve Your Business Through Electronic Communication Essay

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¶ … e-Mail more effective.

Email is a compressed format of communication. When communicating by email, it is essential to be brief and succinct. Don't try to communicate too much in a single email. It is also important to be clear. Have a subject line with a distinct title and keep sentences short and pithy.

It is also easy to be overly casual when communicating via email. Remember to read over the document to ensure that it sounds professional and that no misunderstandings are likely to arise because of the wording.

Timeliness is also important regarding email. Usually emails are sent because a quick response is needed. Leaving emails unanswered until you can get to them may negate the value of your response.

Don't clutter up people's inboxes with mass emails or emails they don't need to see, otherwise they will begin to delete what you send them without really reading. Don't cc large volumes of correspondence unless the information is really necessary for the recipients.

Q2. Explain why customers are often fearful of online transactions. You should list some common fraud and scams in customer services. Point out some ways that customer service providers can reduce customer fears.


Common schemes include phishing (asking for information using a fake presence) or spoofing (claiming to be a legitimate organization but using a fake website or email to get the information from the recipient). The organization should remain in contact with customers to specify how to spot legitimate vs. illegitimate emails. All online transactions should be encrypted and secure to prevent hacking.

Q3. Research ONE new (less than one-year-old) technology designed to enhance customer service. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology? You must cite this source in APA format!

One common problem people have when selecting new articles of clothing is understanding how to coordinate the new clothes into an outfit. The new app StyleIt allows customers to "upload a photo of a shirt or jacket or a pair of pants to the app, and using computer vision and machine learning, it tells you what to wear with it" from selections from a variety of websites (Alba 2013). Customers are able to benefit from the additional information that allows them to coordinate their wardrobes while the app also benefits retailers who allow it to be used in…

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