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The decision to intervene in Latin American revolutions however brought internal conflict to the Concert, with Britain refusing to take part. The premise was that Britain's trade and profit from the Spanish would be lost with the end of the rebellion.

6. The Revolutions of 1848 took place throughout Europe as a result of cumulative political and economic issues. The economy was experiencing a downturn in concomitance with the historical and current abuse of political power by leaderships. As such, the general issues behind the Revolutions were basically uniform for all the countries involved, although they may have taken different forms in the individual countries. The response to the revolutions was suppression and elimination. They therefore did not last long. The main reason for this failure was the internal conflict experienced by revolutionaries. This disunity weakened the revolutionary force and led to its ultimate demise.

7. In the unification process, Count Cavour approached significant leaders such as Napoleon III of France to intervene in the effort. In this way, the Count was able to orchestrate the inclusion of most of northern Italy in the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. In Germany, Otto von Bismarck believed in the ancient Feudal system, with Kings to be obeyed by people. His strategy therefore focused upon uniting people under a single ruler. Bismarck sought to gain power through war. Germany would probably be the most likely candidate for future leadership in terms of its focus on autonomy, whereas Italy was more focused upon inclusion

8. Women during the second half of the 19th century were seen as little more than servants. They worked in the home, raising children and being involved in other household activities. They could not vote, study, or legally enter a profession, although many of them did work in factories, as domestic servants and in shops. They were therefore far from unused to work. They grew discontent because they saw a discrepancy between their situation and that of their male counterparts. By 1914 women had the vote, but still had to struggle against stereotyping and discrimination. They protested this by becoming actively involved in the war, and via pamphlets and speeches.

9. The Industrial Revolution was the main and biggest technological changed between 1850 and 1914. This significantly changed how people saw the universe and how human beings are to arrange their lives within this universe. Increasing amounts of people moved to cities, where they felt they would be able to make more money. Human beings were to control the universe and use it as a tool for their personal, financial gain.

10. The Irish Question referred to the dire economic and social situation in Ireland, and what the British were expected to do towards remedying these problems by establishing a fair government. Gladstone's proclaimed his mission to pacify Ireland. It was however not easy in the political climate of the time, and many had different ideas regarding the Irish issue. In particular, the Irish felt weary of long years of oppression. Gladstone's attempt to pacify them was seen as too little, too late, and the Irish began to take matters into their own hands.

One of the ways in which this was done was the Irish Land League, which functioned to evict people from their residences. Laws were however established in order to do this in a fair and timely manner. Groups wishing for political power also used the issue for their own gain, such as the Fenian Society.


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