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Students Having a Difficult Time

Why are students having a difficult time graduating in 4 years?

There is a constant change occurring around the globe, and for that no one can just stick to one point and be left behind but has to move with the same pace as time asks to even in the field of education, and the result one expects to get once one is graduated is a nice job, everything is in a move of constant change.

Students need a full four-year period to graduate, and in this span of their life, which means 18-22-year age, they have to face assorted problems, which can be financial, parental stress, the courses being covered themselves and pressure from other ends.

This research paper, discusses the problems which are most commonly faced by many students because of the speedy nature of a four-year graduation program. It thoroughly discusses all aspects starting with the harsh parts and ending with the emotional hidden content of a human.

Graduating in 4 years

When a student has been through all the drama and trauma of his or her high school life, the crucial and important part is to decide what one wants to be. This is the time where everyone visualizes reality and the real professional life starts at this point. Consequently, opting for the right college or university is important because it is not just education, but is whole professional life.

Moreover, it is usually considered that, students are being deprived of their degree because of the rules made by the universities. The first rule which hinders in one way or the other is the length of a degree, that is, a four-year program which is causing problems for students to complete their degrees on expected time. This shows that for graduation, time matters a lot. It is also observed in many studies, that to make the learning capabilities more effective, universities are planning to shorten the length which shows even executives believe that this 4-year program is a trouble for students.

Problems faced by Many Students

When the students have to be in a long and twisted journey of a planned graduation, there are many general problems and some particular and distinctive problems, in which most of the student crowd is involved. It does not mean that a single student has all problematic circumstances to face with but yes, majority faces one of the distinct problems.

These problems can be categorized into two phases of study, one is visible- that is the calculated and easily observed problems, other problems are emotional problems generated in a student and here regarded as the invisible ones.

Visible Problems

There are some distinctive problems, which are generated in the time span of four years and are the result of this long particular range of time. Some of these problems discussed by many innovators and our own observed concluded factors, are as follows:

When a student enters the line of professional studies, he faces problems after every semester. That is, semester system is a tough routine for a normal student and half of the time is wasted in deciding what the purpose is and what can be the cause of the study nature. It means, student is not clear with the requirements of his professional field. This is a problem which has started in the high school phase. A student is not guided to opt for the best in school phase. This is a genuine and general problem too, and is observed that most likely children are so stressed out that they may also change fields after tolerating the later subject for two years. And if they don't leave that particular field, they result into prolonged delays and it's seen that- longer one takes to graduate, the lesser is the probability to graduate (Vise).

People say, GPA does not matter, but honestly, it matters when panels of executives are judging candidate's knowledge and he is questioned about the skills and practices, but the response they get is not confident enough, to make someone eligible for that post. Many Students face a problem that is; they are not happy with the course they are studying and that consequently has the output as low GPA. This is a common problem, though discussed by many professionals at Howard University, Washington D.C. too (Yoder). Yes, but with marks, learning and capabilities should be developed too because in practical life, learning matters the most especially for engineers. But it is observed that students are indulged in stress and ignore technical skill learning too.

Working and studying at same time- most of the students earn and study, it makes it tough for them to compete in this fast program. They end up failing or leaving and taking courses as low as possible (i.e. completing less credit hours, then required for the semester) and they are unsuccessful in completing their credit hours at the right time. Working for more than 20 hours a week, and studying though is not an easy job for anyone who is indulged in this motto that one has to achieve high results (Yoder). A lot of piled up work on-campus and a pressure of off-campus work depreciates the quality work of an efficient student (Asher). And, students find shortcuts for meeting their deadlines, which shows, they never strive for their homework.

A single unavailable prerequisite course can result into a delay of a whole year, for a student to graduate (Yoder). This is yet another problem which usually occurs because of the problem discussed lately i.e. part time job. A student values working, but for that, he may also be forced by work pressure to drop a course and may become a patient of stress. In this way, one may not control academic and work stress and will leave a course. At that moment, nobody cares, as it feels like being harsh on one's soul. But it may become a trauma when the student comes to know that, a particular course cannot be added now, as it is not available at the moment when it is thought to be completed.

The last distinctive issue, a student may face is the financial issue. First is that many parents are unable to provide full support for the whole program. It creates trouble for students who in the result of it may start finding job. Then there is another problem that is, many different loans are signed by students, who in the end, mostly fail to come up as the contract implies, and paying back those loans becomes unfavorable. Public universities are thought to be not working properly, and if a student enters private institution, the rate of students passing through will be more because no one will ever want to pay fees for 6 or 7 years (Conan).

So these were some calculated factors, which influence the performances of a healthy student.

Invisible Problems

A human being is living in the pursuit of happiness, an emotional boundary on which he has not control. If people had no control over this, there are many structures which do not let them be a part of it, it can be social structures or it can be, any other restriction imposed by other humans (LaCombe). Individuality and freedom is something which is required by a person who is in search of knowledge and seeks and aims to get it in every possible way. People, or in this area, professors may become selfish, or are overcome by their ego factor, which also drags many milestones of knowledge. Favors, this is also a very common problem which hinders the life of a university student, the example of this can be taken as, a female professor has hatred for men, and so when the time comes to…

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