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¶ … Goals

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my application to become a scholar-practitioner at Walden University. My goals dovetail ideally with Walden's mission statement and I have always been an eager, quick learner thirsty for opportunities to help other people while bettering and challenging myself. I know that the Walden experience will challenge me and that is exactly what I expect and look forward to.

I pursue the field of clinical research because I know I am competent to work in this field and moreover, I consider the opportunity to participate in research that can potentially improve the lives of millions of people an exciting and wholly worthwhile endeavor. Helping to transform our society, which faces so many health-related issues, is a goal I approach with clarity and deep concern. Whether it is finding remedies and solutions for heart disease, for breast cancer, or genetic disorders -- or, in my case, I am profoundly interested in finding ways to have a positive impact on


Working professionals are given a golden opportunity by Walden University to continue earning a living while taking online courses that will lead them to their next plateau, their next step in learning their field -- and in my case, to my goal of becoming a valued clinical researcher. Quite frankly, because I am working full time as an LPN / Clinical Manager I would not be in a position to pursue a Master's in Clinical Research Administration if it were not for Walden University's distance education program.

My objective, once I have received my M.S. In Clinical Research Administration from Walden University, is to be hired to work for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or the World Health Organization, or another esteemed and dynamic organization that works to address terrible illnesses like cancer and other maladies that afflict children.

I was born in Venezuela and came to the United States when I was five years of age. Hence, I am bilingual and speak fully fluently…

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