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¶ … miss the daily routine: setting my alarm clock at night, the smell of fresh coffee early in the morning, the final once-over in the mirror before I would head out the door. Before long I would be joining the others hurrying to get to their desks and checking their emails for the start of a long work day. I thought I would live this sort of life until retirement age. I thought wrong.

My tenure in the corporate world was abruptly cut short seven years ago when I was diagnosed with (STATE WHAT YOUR CONDITION IS). My life was forever changed -- but I'm determined to make that change be for the better. Granted, I have been on dialysis every day now since my initial diagnosis, and I am no longer able to work in (STATE THE FIELD YOU WORKED IN) as I once did. However, I believe I have found my true calling as a teacher of early childhood education, and am extremely excited about the opportunity to earn a scholarship so I can help educate the next generation of thinkers and doers.

My experience in the corporate world taught me how valuable education is, and the necessity of learning how to communicate with others in a professional, consistent way to become a valuable asset to an organization. The advantage an education brings is more than simply the ability to earn a significant amount of


I witnessed this fact every day during my tenure as a ____ professional, and was sufficiently motivated by this experience to pursue education in early childhood education so that I can help others.

Were I awarded this scholarship, I would apply it towards my Associates degree in Arts for Child Development. Such a scholarship is vital to my prospects and career goals for a number of reasons. Due to my illness, I am no longer able to actively work and attend school simultaneously. The financial burden of earning my education is considerable for me, and the funds from this scholarship could help to offset those demands. Moreover, after earning my degree I plan to dedicate my life to working in education. I hope to start off this part of my career by teaching second grade. My long-term goal, however, is to own my own preschool so that I can reach even more children and impart the knowledge I have learned about this field to other teachers -- therefore perpetuating the cycle of understanding and education that I hope to beget by attending this program.

This particular scholarship can play an integral role into helping me to achieve my career aspirations because I am physically unable…

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