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Ethical Awareness Inventory

"Psychologists need to be self-reflective ... engage in even-tempered observation and interpretation ... and increase the beneficial use of psychological knowledge" (Koocher, 2007).

This paper covers ethical issues and an ethical survey that was taken.

Results of the Survey / My Ethical Style

Role of Personal Ethics in Psychology / Development of Principle

When it comes to my viewpoint about personal ethics for myself and personal ethics for a psychologist, I conduct research to see what scholars are saying, and then make up my mind as to my personal ideas. In fact, some of the literature I have found suggests it is okay for a psychologist to only apply all ethical values, but not necessarily outside the office. I disagree strongly to that. If you're in the field, you have an obligation to represent your profession wherever you are and whatever you do.

The literature I found shows that it is of course very important for the psychologist to follow, as closely as possible, the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct. The American Psychological Association's (APA) ethical guidelines are near universally adhered to by professional psychologists. However, there are some ethical issues that the APA appears to allow but may not be wise for psychologist (or anyone in this...


In other words, once you're not at work, helping a patient or other official tasks, you're on your own -- within reason, of course. Professor Angela M. Haeny writes that "... the public's perception of psychologist's behavior in their personal time may have detrimental effects ... on professional relationships with consumers, including clients" (Haeny, 2014).

Political elections, Haeny writes, frequently result in " ... widespread public tension due to individual morals and values on debatable issues" (265). Even if psychologists' involvement in the public discourse on contemporary politics on his or her personal time, those familiar with " ... the psychologist's profession may assume their behavior is representative of the field," which certainly could have a negative impact on present or future clients (Haeny, 266). So the question posed by Haney that should be asked: "should psychologists take a high-profile stance on controversial issues in their personal time?"

Let's take the current GOP primary campaign for president of the…

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