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Human Intelligence Gathering - Keywords

Varnava, a.; (2012) British military intelligence in Cyprus during the Great War, War in History, 19(3)

This article discusses the many variables that made up a successful military intelligence operation in Cyprus conducted by British intelligence during World War II.

Constantinou, C.M.; (2013) Between statecraft an humanism: Diplomacy and its forms of knowledge,

International Studies Review, 15(2) 141 -- 162

This article takes a look at diplomatic knowledge that goes beyond the 'normal' intelligence gathering process and how it can be successfully implemented.

Giglio, M.; (2013) With friends like these, Newsweek Global, 161(6) 1-1

An excellent article on how the CIA could be using counterproductive methods of gathering information through a series of meetings, run (ironically enough) by men.

Sepper, E.; (2010) Democracy, human rights, and intelligence sharing, Texas International Law Journal,

46(1) 151 -- 207

Effective intelligence gathering requires intelligence sharing networks as well as individuals developing contacts and relationships of trust and


The article explains how those sharing networks are developed.

Svendsen, A.D.M.; (20110 NATO, Libya operations an intelligence co-operation -- a step forward? Baltic Security & Defence Review, 13(2) 51 -- 68

Technology is becoming very important to intelligence gathering efforts and with more and more woman attending colleges and universities, it is a simple leap of understanding to know that with the technological knowledge gained by females, they will be in a stronger position for gathering intelligence.

Mulley, C.; (2014) The woman who spied for Britain, History Today, 64(6) 62 -- 63

A short synopsis of eight British female spies and their adventures during World War ll

Zabecki, D.T.; (2008) The limping lady spy, Military History, 25(5) 21 -- 21

This is a feature article on Virginia Hall, one of the most famous American female spies.

Nelson, W.; (1997) Female spies rendered valuable service to the OSS in the, World War ll, 12(2) 18

This is an excellent article on how effective woman spies were during World War ll. The article discussed woman who volunteered to be spies who were attached to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) unit attached to the 36th Infantry Division.

Lake, E.; (2012) Secret Weapons, Newsweek, 160(13) 38-43

This article discusses a variety of female spies during different eras especially World War ll.

Lownie, A.; (2013) The spy who loved: The secrets and lives of Christine Granville, Publishers Weekly, 260(13) 56-56

A review of a…

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Lownie, A.; (2013) The spy who loved: The secrets and lives of Christine Granville, Publishers Weekly, 260(13) 56-56

A review of a book on Christine Granville, a famous female spy during World War'll ract:

article focuses on the importance of intelligence co-operation in the Libyan rebel operations. It cites events related to the Libya crisis until Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's death on October 20, 2011. The author elaborates on human intelligence (HUMINT) and technical intelligence (TECHINT) activities in Libya, including North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO's) use of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance platforms with Target Acquisition capabilities or ISTAR tools.

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