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¶ … Cathay Williams

Born from 1844, died 1892



Ethnicity: Black


She had worked as a cook and washerwoman since the age of 17 for soldiers during the American Civil War. Soldiers had captured slaves like her and made them work under them. At 21, when the war ended, she took some odd jobs here and there until she chose to hide her identity by enlisting as Williams Cathay, as a man, and served in a regimen for several years. They only discovered she was a woman when a surgeon examined her. Shortly after enlisting, she had acquired small pox and visited the hospital several times.

Elizabeth Blackwell

Born in 1821, died 1910



Ethnicity: White


Elizabeth Blackwell was America's first female doctor. Born in England then moving to America due to a Cholera outbreak, she lived in Cincinnati. At first she and she opened a school for ladies, then she tutored students in the south and then she decided to work as a doctor rather than marry. She was a family friend to Harriet Beecher-Stowe, the writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Introduction: Elizabeth and Cathay are sitting in the living room discussing the aftermath of the Civil War. Elizabeth supported the North and even though some of her friends had differing views, she believes in equality for all. Cathay wishes to work in the cigarette.

Cathay: Sure Missus Elizabeth. I wonder what will become of us all now, the former slaves.

Elizabeth: To be honest I don't know. Have you had any troubling experiences while serving those soldiers that held you captive?

Cathay: One night, while I was in my room, sleeping, I swear I couldn't have screamed any louder as one of the soldiers ripped off my clothes and forced himself on me. It felt utterly dreadful knowing he was doing all these things to me. I felt like I had no power.

Elizabeth: I know how you feel Cathay. To lack power as you did, to see how your life can be taken from you. I know that pain all too well.

Cathay: How is that Missus Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: When I was just a young girl, around 18, I was told by my mother I had to marry and provide for her children, at least two sons. I did not know what to do, but I knew I either had to earn money for the family or get married in order to help support them.

Cathay: I…

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