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Bridgewater, M.J., & Buzzanell, P.M. (2010). Caribbean immigrants' discourses:

Cultural, moral, and personal stories about workplace communication in the United

Journal Of Business Communication, 47(3), 235-265.


This report studies how Caribbean immigrants position themselves and make sense of their overall workplace communication standing. They do so through storytelling a lot of the time. They often adhere to the commonly-cited narrative of the "American Dream" but they also talk about stories that reproduce and "resist" certain specific intercultural workplace communication. They make sense of their experiences through "invocation of different discourses -- race, class, gender and immigration status."

Chrobot-Mason, D. (2012). Developing multicultural competence to improve cross-race work relationships. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 15(4), 199-218.


This report talks about how the developing of multi-cultural competence training can aid and assist in helping communication between management and regular personnel alike when there are multiple races involved. The study notes that employee retention of diversity candidates has been a focus but also asserts that far less time has been spent on getting organization leaders in tune with what it truly means to make that all work properly from an operational, training and communication standpoint.

Dreachslin, J., Sprainer, E., & Jimpson, G. (2002). Communication: bridging the racial and ethnic divide in health care management. Health Care Manager, 20(4), 10-18.

This study talks about the overall


This presents a problem for management as there are distinct problems with communication, compensation and overall outcomes when it comes to minorities. The paper seeks to find action steps to bridge the racial divide.

Fish, S.L. (1991). Preparation for the year 2000: One corporation's attempt to address the issues of gender and race. Howard Journal Of Communications, 3(1/2), 61-72.

This one is a rather old one (1991) but gives a good perspective as to how things have changed over the last generation or so. It specifically covers a Fortune 500 company that was attempting to diversity its management ranks with the two primary focuses being racial and gender diversity. They specifically looked at the communication strategies that were being used as a broader movement to make the management hires of the firm more diverse.

Hsu, B., Hackett, C., & Hinkson, L. (2014). The Importance of Race and Religion in Social Service Providers. Social Science Quarterly (Wiley-Blackwell), 95(2), 393-

410. doi:10.1111/ssqu.12050

This source talks about the importance of race and religion when it comes to social services. Quite often, people that make use of social services are more at ease when there is someone of the…

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Gender & Class, 20(3/4), 205-225.

This report talks about the re-entry of convicted felons and minor criminals and how hard it can be to reintegrate such people back into the workplace. Of course, these people are commonly minorities and thus face a proverbial double-whammy when trying to regain gainful employment. The report covers how community leaders and workers can serve as a linchpin to bridge the cultural and communication divide to make such programs work.

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