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¶ … 1996 film The Usual Suspects in terms of how the film depicts sociological and social-psychological phenomena. In particular, the film shows how stereotypes about criminality and deviant behavior might influence judgment of character. For example, Verbal Kent does not conform to the stereotypes of a criminal mastermind but it turns out at the end of the film that he is the mastermind. Likewise, Dean Keaton seems ruthless but turns out to be the one most interested in change and reform. One of the least suspected persons is the one that turn out to be the most dangerous. The film therefore shows that it is impossible to always rely on profiling. The film also discusses the ways that invisible power structures operate, and expands upon the nature of power itself and the various ways power can be wielded in society. It is easy to see how conspiracy theories might evolve, given the nefarious and secretive collusions between organized crime and persons in legitimate positions of power. The Usual Suspects also highlights the importance of transformational leadership and emotional intelligence in organizational behavior, as qualities like patience, excitement, and determination are universally recognized characteristics in effective transformational leaders.

2. The Kepes & McDaniel (2013) study

This study is important to all social sciences and not just to industrial-organizational...


Problems like unrepresentative samples, large magnitude effects, and editorial biases in scholarly publications all harm the credibility of I/O psychological research. Even more sinister findings such as altering the results of studies were documented by Kepes & McDaniel (2013). These results are disturbing and call attention to the need for greater controls on the field. Therefore, this article is important from an ethical standpoint as well as from a research methods one. The authors suggest improved editorial review processes, membership in a social science database, and most interestingly, the mandate to publish null findings.
3. Psychological Test Report

The NEO-Five Factor Inventory provides a means by which to measure and calibrate the individual's performance in social situations and under stress. Analyzing the results from the Five Factor Inventory can reveal points of weakness and opportunities for improvement in those areas. For example, the inventory can reveal coping mechanisms, neuroticisms, and emotions like guilt. Agreeableness and extraversion/introversion are also measured. Recommendations for the individual completing the inventory include stress management techniques, recognition…

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